How To Wear Sweatpants, Stylishly

Recently I purchased my first pair of sweatpants. Yes, believe it or not, I've never owned a pair of sweatpants. I practically live in leggings and I do own a couple pairs of yoga pants, but thick, warm sweatpants? Never. I do contend though that my version of sweatpants are tapered, made of super soft heather gray cotton and come from Oak + Fort, so you're regular giving-up-on-life sweatpants these are not. In any case, Mr. Artist is very proud.

After having purchased these sweatpants though, which looked so edgy and stylish in store, I was at a loss as to how to wear them. Just how does one wear sweatpants stylishly?

Thank god for Pinterest.

After much soul-searching and pinteresting, here are the 4 biggest rules in my opinion for pulling off stylish sweatpants:

  1. Embrace your inner fashion blogger. I'm talking about embracing that carefully constructed, yet effortless combination of hobo/grungy/urban/high-end/hipster chic that we all know and love. For Vancouver, that's about 5 too many adjectives to describe a look, so you will also require a healthy dose of confidence too in order to pull this off. 
  2. Wear the proper shoes. This means, no runners. Absolutely, no runners unless you are wanting to go for that urban B-girl/skater look, in which case Converse and expensive high-end kicks apply, but never ever anything like grungy Reeboks.  By default, it's all about chunky ankle boots, heels and brogues.
  3. Play with cuffs and lengths. Try pulling up the legs of your sweats to make capris, or cuff the bottoms to show off your shoes and a peek of leg above your boots.
  4. Master the half-tuck. 

With these rules in mind, here are a few suggested looks to try:

Leather looks great with sweats! Basically wear anything with sweats and a leather jacket and you are good to go. I tried this out recently and got multiple compliments!

Modern sweats are more tapered and skinny than slouchy and wide, so they look great with slim fit tops and chunky cardigans, as shown here, for a comfy/casual weekend outfit.

So it may not look like it, but this outfit is actually featuring SILKY SWEATPANTS. Okay, not real silk, but still! I'm so in love with this look.

Finally, here is an example of how you could legitimately wear sweats out for a night on the town. Who knew this could be possible? 

Are you ready to try stylish sweatpants?

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