Black Friday Fashion Blogger Challenge Recap | Metropolis at Metrotown | #BlackFridayBC

Yesterday was the my first time shopping at Black Friday and my first time shopping competitively in the Black Friday Fashion Blogger Challenge, hosted by Metropolis at Metrotown. In case you didn't read the details in my earlier post this week, I and 3 other bloggers (Lyndi of Style Calling, Cee of Coco and Vera and Eudora of Modern Mix Vancouver) were challenged by Metropolis at Metrotown to see who could put together the best outfit, with the best Black Friday deals with just $100 and an hour and a half of shopping time. Such a fun idea right?

I have to admit, I was quite into the whole competitive aspect. Although I'm pretty laid back in most things, a game always bring out my competitive side. I've tried to downplay my competitiveness over the years as when I was a child, I would cry if I couldn't even get to go first! So, I have to admit that I did a little mall scouting beforehand and planned out a vague idea of what I wanted to go for. I knew that I wanted to get an outfit that reflected my trendy, yet casual and downtown vibe of dressing, so of course that meant one thing: leather.

Knowing that H&M had a very cute a-line leather skirt, I based my outfit around that and paired it with a soft, bright red plaid shirt (40% off!) from American Eagle and a white jelly watch (also 40% off and from American Eagle). Then I accessorized with a black purse from Aldo, which had these great little silver shingles on it and was a steal at just $8!! Since I was so single-minded with my shopping, I finished with just $2 leftover and 45 minutes to spare, so I picked up a couple other items out of my own pocket: a bright green clutch/cross-body purse from Forever 21 and a pair of cozy loafers lined with fur from Aldo Accessories.

After our  time was up, it was time for the judging. Vanessa, Metropolis at Metrotown's Social Media Manager and another colleague from Metrotown, were our judges. Each outfit was scored based on style, savings obtained and number of stores visited. I was seriously impressed with each girl's outfit as we all managed to put together a complete outfit, some even with shoes!

Cee's outfit was my favourite (after mine of course!). Her outfit totally matched her style and looked very polished and elegant. Cee's outfit consisted of items from Gap (sweater, skirt?), Old Navy (shoes), Forever 21 (purse) and Aldo Accessories (jewelry).

My outfit as I mentioned, went for more casual, trendy vibe. Leather and 90s touches like plaid shirts are big right now and I liked the chunky look of the white watch as a fun accessory piece. The only thing I was missing that I think would really have topped this outfit off is if I had enough funds left to purchase a matching toque!

Eudora's outfit was a great mix of casual items elevated by a few key accessories. I loved the print of the sweater she chose and would totally wear this outfit in a snap. Eudora's outfit was made up of items from Costa Blanca (accessories), American Eagle (shoes).

Lyndi's outfit perfectly encapsulated her professional, effortless look. Lyndi did a great job pairing various print and textures together into one cohesive outfit. Lyndi's outfit was made up of items from Aldo Accessories (earrings), Old Navy (skirt and sweater?) and H&M (jacket).

In the end, our judges had a very tough decision on their hands, but I totally agree with their decision, which was to crown Cee as the winner! As the winner, she received a $200 gift and we all received our outfits and a $50 gift card to giveaway!

Thanks so much to Vanessa and everyone at Metropolis at Metrotown for hosting this giveaway and for inviting me to the challenge. You still have time to check out all the Black Friday shopping deals and you can see the full list of participating stores online here.

Photo credit: Ian Lloyd

Photo credit: Ian Lloyd

Photo credit: Ian Lloyd

Our esteemed judges
Photo credit: Ian Lloyd

Doing our social media thang
Photo credit: Ian Lloyd

If you'd like to win said $50 gift card to Metropolis at Metrotown, here is how to enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me what you would like to buy with the $50 (1 entry)
  • Tweet "Win a $50 gift card for @metropolisatmet from @mizzjblog! Go to for details" (1 entry, plus must follow me on Twitter to qualify)
  • Follow me on Bloglovin (1 entry)

Deadline to enter is 12 am Dec. 7, 2013 

Good luck!

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Christmas Party Dresses Part 3: Ruche

Today is part 3 of my 3 part mini-series on affordable holiday and Christmas party dresses. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out parts 1 and 2. This series has been so much fun for me as I love shopping for the perfect outfit for others and I'm kinda sad that it's drawing to a close. I hope you've all enjoyed the picks and please send me your outfit questions so I have an excuse to shop more!

For the series finale, I thought I'd feature an oldie-but-goodie in my fashion bookmarks folder. Ruche is an online boutique based out of California that's basically like an affordable Anthropologie. I really like the story behind this retailers as they come from similar backgrounds (technology) as me and I find it very inspiring how they worked hard at their side passion until they could make it their full passion. Plus, they just are so pinterest-y in their bio photos!

It was quite hard to pick just a few items for this dress round-up and I tried really hard to not pick anything typical, like sequins and lace, the latter being something I think I've featured enough in the previous parts! I hope you enjoy my picks and also a tip to my Canadian readers - Ruche offers $5.95 shipping and orders over $75 have free shipping!

By Candlelight Metallic maxi dress, $48.99

First up is this dramatic, floor-length, silver metallic dress. There's something so very reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface with this gown to me and that's kinda why I like it. Slinky, sexy yet relaxed, this dress is one hell of an attention-grabber. I would wear this only to parties with a formal dress code and only if you wish to make a statement. This would be perfect for a hotel or NYE party, don't you think?

Your Plus One Jacquard dress by Tulle, $74.99

If drama isn't really your thing, then try this silky jacquard dress on for size. Featuring vintage-esque cap sleeves, this simple sheath comes to life with its brilliant sapphire floral pattern and fitted waist. I think this dress would look stunning with some fun bejeweled pumps or huge drop earrings.

Enchanted Night embellished dress, $48.99

Moving right along with this vintage theme is our next dress. With its simple scoop neck and A-line skirt, this dress is straight out of Mad Men, but the black mixed with metallic gold and bronze threading is all modern. I love the little added touch of the jeweled collar as well.

Regency Baroque shift dress, $49.99

Last, but not least, is this baroque shift dress. This dress is ideal for the semi-formal party that involves a fancy restaurant and cocktails. You'll look sophisticated, yet fashion-forward with this ornate print in the simple perfection that is a black and white combo. The key to pulling this look off? Red lips and minimal jewelry.

So what was your favourite dress in this round and in the whole series?
Don't forget to check out part 1: Forever 21 and part 2: ModCloth as well!

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5 Reasons to Check Out Joe's Jeans in Oakridge

At the beginning of this month, Vancouver got its first taste of LA's upscale denim line, Joe's Jeans. Started in 2001 by Joe Dahan, Joe's Jeans is a throwback to the days of designer denim, but this time around, with a little more star power and sexiness and less cheap, stapled on bling. With stores across the US, Europe and Asia, the brand has been sighted on celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, and Charlize Theron. Now Vancouverites can get in on the action with Joe's Jeans' first store at Oakridge Centre. 

While Joe's Jeans celebrity image and celebrity prices may at first raise your eyebrows, I am a firm believer that sometimes you get what you pay for. Jeans are something you wear everyday, so why not spend a little more for better quality that will last you longer over time? There are the usual run of washes and cuts at Joe's, but there is also a wide variety of printed and color denim options too, like snake print, studded knee embellishments and even digital prints; perhaps a bit too out there for Vancouverites' conservative tastes, but it's nice to see this brand trying!

Besides denim, Joe's is also a great stop for awesome basics and if your style leans more towards downtown edgy, then you'll love what is in store -  plus, Joe's offers great picks for men and kids too! Check out my top 5 picks to check out the Joe's Jeans store in Oakridge:

Rolled Skinny Ankle Jean, $165

Rolled ankles are all the rage right now, so having a pair already designed for it is just so handy!

The Skinny, $189

You all know I've been on the lookout for the perfect pair of leather pants. Well, these coated denim skinnies are definitely in the running. The Skinny is similar to a leather pant look, yet has the seams and stitching of a pair of jeans, which makes these look a little more wearable and less prone to leggings-as-pants syndrome.

Prim Sweatshirt, $178

And what would go seamlessly with those pants? Why this comfy quilted sweatshirt! Tousled blond hair? Sadly not included.

Dez Bomber Cardigan, $345

For the men, I love this cashmere jacket. Half sporty, half luxurious, this jacket is perfect for the style-conscious man in your life.

Mini Floral Print jegging, $59

And for the little fashion lovers, there are these adorable floral print jeggings. When I first checked out the Joe's store, I was immediately drawn to the colorful and printed pants like these lying on the table and it took me a couple minutes before I sadly realized that I wasn't fat, it was just that the pants were for children.

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Black Friday Blogger Challenge | Metropolis at Metrotown | #BlackFridayBC

There was a secret mission and I chose to accept it.

A few weeks ago, I and three other bloggers were invited to participate in a fashion blogger challenge at Metropolis at Metrotown. The mission? To put together the best outfit reflecting our style with $100 in 90 minutes. Oh and we'd have to fight Black Friday shopping crowds while we're at it.

The prize at stake? A $200 gift card to the mall.

Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

And maybe another makeup palette.

Join me on Twitter and Instagram as I tweet, shop and snap photos of my finds along the way by following me @mizzjblog and via hashtag #BlackFridayBC.  The challenge starts at 7am, so I'll definitely need your help to keep me awake and on my game!

In the meantime, you can check out all the Black Friday weekend sales happening at Metropolis at Metrotown here. There are tons of sales happening and this list is updated daily!

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Lust of the Week: Iris & Ink Lace Pencil Skirt

via Outnet, $125

I love lace, dramatic fashion and dark emerald green, so it makes perfect sense why I would love this Iris & Ink pencil skirt. There's something very romantic and yet a little dangerous about this skirt to me; perhaps it's the contrast of the black lace against the green lining that reminds me of dark shadowy forests or the way that a pencil skirt automatically says "sexy secretary" to me and the lace just amplifies that even more. Either way, I love it. You could wear this skirt in so many ways - crisp and clean with a fresh white blouse, or you could go seductive with a sharp blazer and mauve silk camisole. Very day to night no?

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Christmas Party Dresses Part 2: Modcloth

In part 1 of my affordable Christmas party dresses series, I showed how even Forever 21 can give you a cute party dress (that isn't high-low!). This week, I'm going to feature one of my favourite online shops, ModCloth.

For those unfamiliar with ModCloth, it's a mecca for vintage and twee-fashion-loving women everywhere. If you want something fun, unique, uber feminine, while not being uber sexy, then ModCloth is your place. I love everything about this website. They have a HUGE inventory and each product page comes with a clever story to visualize and tempt you further into buying. As a lover of words, I appreciate the textual imagery. Also, there are tons of user reviews for most items, so between reading those and looking at the size guides, you can feel pretty assured that you'll find the right fit.

Here are my top picks for affordable ModCloth party dresses:

Baklava Beauty Dress, $89.99

Here is a quintessential party dress: strapless, short and ruffled. It doesn't get much more fun than this, but hold up, before you start thinking this is too cute and boisterous, check out how that navy color grounds everything and makes it seem grownup as opposed to just prom queen. What's even more fun about this dress is the contrasting texture of the ruffles themselves; some are solid navy, while others are made of a sheer, pleated material, which adds a hint more visual interest.

Coda of Conduct dress, $50.99 

If your party is strictly black-tie, then try on this beautiful black and white dress. At only just over $50 for a more formal looking dress, you really can't go wrong. I love the classic, cute details on this one, such as the black bow and lace detailing. Just think how great this dress would look while you're being spun around on the dance floor, arm in arm with your dashing date.

Frill Seeking dress, $38.99

Another romantic looking option is this cream lace number. This dress was chosen by ModCloth's special community of VIP users, so you know this one is sure to be an attention-getter. Pair with soft, pink lips and curled hair and you'll have everyone watching you.

Plum Appetit dress, $43.99

Lastly, there is this pretty aubergine lace dress. Lace seems to be the recurring theme for me this year, but it's such a great fabric to make an outfit feel more formal, feminine and dressed up. Purple is such a gorgeous color all year round and this dress would look just as lovely in spring as in winter, unlike some of the previous options. I like how this one is a little more casual too. The skirt has a pretty polka dot pattern and I think this dress could easily be dressed down with a bright yellow cardigan for a daytime lunch date or afternoon tea with the girls.

Stay tuned for next week as I reveal part 3 of the series! Don't forget to check out part 1 too :)

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Palladium Footwear: Original Streetwear since 1947

It's always interesting to learn about a company's evolution. A lot of the times, a company starts out doing one thing and then pivots to do another; for instance, did you know that Youtube originally was conceived as an online video dating service? Palladium is another example of a company who did a 180. Founded in 1920, Palladium made its mark manufacturing tires for the aviation industry. After WWII, the demand for aircraft tires slowed dramatically and Palladium had to diversify, so it began designing shoes that were as durable and light as its signature tires. The result was a line of footwear renowned for their durability, lightness and endurance in the harshest of conditions. Even the French Foreign Legion adopted Palladium as their boot supplier!

If these shoes can withstand harsh conditions like swamps and desert, then they're certainly suited for the everyday urbanite. I recently got a chance to try out a pair of Palladium shoes with these casual runners:

Retailing for around $50 USD, these sneakers are super lightweight, feature a rubber sole and are available in a range of colors.

Although not my typical style, I think these shoes are a great option for casual, weekend outfits. I paired these shoes with some dark denim, a chambray shirt and a my trusty mustard sweater layered on top for a casual office look. My only complaint with the shoes is that they are rather stiff, probably due to that tough rubber outer! They also rub a bit on my ankles as I walk, but that could be easily alleviated with a heel insole.

Another boot I'm eyeing on the Palladium website are these cool Pampa Sport boots. These babies contain a moisture wicking lining, are made of waterproof leather and rubber and can be worn with the top flipped up or rolled over! Check out these and more great styles for women and men on the Palladium website.

**Shoes were provided by Palladium for review, but all content and opinions are my own.

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Lust of the Week: Olive+Piper Grande Crystal Bangle

Olive+Piper, $32

Ugh, am currently wrapped up in a fluffy sweater coat, sweater and heat cranked up and STILL feeling cold. At least I am still able to look at pretty things, like this chunky bracelet from Olive + Piper. I love how OTT this bracelet is; it's truly a statement, yet not so much that it becomes tacky. This, and chicken soup has me drooling.

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Christmas Party Dresses Part 1: Forever 21

Are you looking for something to wear to your office Christmas party or annual fancy holiday soiree? Tired of wearing the same 3 dresses year after year, but reluctant to break the bank? Well then, you'll want to check out my 3 part series featuring festive party dresses that are cute AND affordable! First up, is cheap clothing haven, Forever 21.

Normally, I'd never think of Forever 21 as a place for dresses, but they actually have a lot of cute options that are all under $50. Of course, being Forever 21, the dresses lean more towards trendy than sophisticated, but I think I've found some options that will match many different personal styles.

Dainty Lace A-line dress, $21.80

Lace is always a favourite for dresses. What could be more feminine, sexy and yet demure than sheer lace? This LBD is quite simple on the front with a plain scoop neck and a-line skirt, but the back will steal the show with its flowery lace pattern. I would dress up the front with a simple necklace and maybe some drop earrings or a sparkly tennis bracelet, but I'd suggest only doing one of these if you do accessorize as you could easily veer into vampy instead of classy.

Luxe Geo Skater dress, $35.80

If your party's dress code skews on the more conservative side, then play it safe with this royal blue skater dress. In a sea of black dresses, a beautiful blue will be enough to make you stand out and this skater skirt is pretty flattering for most body types. The back of this dress features a scoop neck which reveals the top third of your dress, so this outfit is just begging for a sleek up-do and a statement necklace to jazz up the front.

Charming Boucle dress, $27.80

Another classic option is this blush pink knit dress. Similar to the previous dress, this one has a scooped back, but is definitely more body-hugging. My favourite part of this dress, besides the light pink-cream color, is the interesting "nubby" details from the knit and the sequin accents sprinkled throughout that give it just a hint of festiveness.

Luxe Fit & Flare dress, $33.80

Lastly, for the more rocker types, is this embellished LBD. With its sexy sheer front and back panels and beaded epaulette-style shoulders, this dress leaves a smoldering impression. Again, how you style your hair and makeup will affect the overall look; you could go for smokey eyes and tousled hair like the model above, or do a sleek top bun and red lips for a more edgy couture look.

Which dress is your favourite so far and which store do you think I should check out next week?

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Buy or Ditch: Marcelle BB Cleanser review

The Product
The BB (beauty balm) craze has been at a fever pitch in North America lately after it migrated over from Asia where BB creams have been used for years. Traditionally, a BB cream was a mix of a foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen and protectant that you wore as your base makeup, but now the words BB are slapped on anything that claims to do more than one thing.

This particular product by Canadian brand, Marcelle, is more of a BB "accessory." On the website, Marcelle states that their BB cleanser is designed to "remove BB cream while cleansing and overnight complements your daytime BB cream with our renowned 8 in 1 multi-benefit effects."

The Guts
Here are some of the main ingredients in this product:

  • Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer  - a popular ingredient in cosmetics that's basically in there to provide a smooth texture
  • Aloe Vera juice - a cooling ingredient that soothes and moisturizes irritated skin
  • Anhydroxylitol - a humectant that prevents moisture loss
I love how the second ingredient in this product is Aloe Vera as it proves that this product is truly designed to moisturize skin. Other notable ingredients are Camellia Oleifera (green tea) extract, which is a natural antioxidant; and Cocomidopropyl, an ingredient derived from coconut oil that provides moisture while stripping away dirt and oil.

Price & Packaging
The Marcelle BB Cleanser is available at London Drugs for $13.56, but is currently on sale via Marcelle directly for $11.87. The packaging is a simple pump dispenser and comes in a large 200 mL bottle.

If you prefer that squeaky-clean feeling from your cleansers, then stop reading because this product will be a no for you. This cleanser is to be used exactly like a traditional cold cream; you apply and massage it into your face and then wipe it off with tissue or a damp cloth. No water needs to be used. I think the lack of water was the biggest hurdle for me in getting used to this product, so I compromised by splashing my face briefly beforehand and wiping with a damp cloth.

The texture of the cleanser is like a watery lotion. It spreads on easily and feels slightly cool on your face. It also has a very very light, pleasant scent, not unlike Lubriderm lotion.

I used 1 pump to cover my cheeks as that's where most of my foundation resides, and then another pump to cover the rest of my face. I'd recommend spending a good 30 seconds massaging this into your face as it takes awhile for the product to really dig in and clean away your makeup. I've also been using this with my Dermalogica PreCleanse oil and I think that also helps a lot to dissolve my makeup at night.

After wiping off the product, my face feels soft and I don't even need moisturizer during the day! At night, I like to add on more moisture so I use my Kiehls Skin Rescuer lotion on top and the combination leaves my skin baby soft in the morning.

If you're looking for a very gentle cleansing routine, then the BB Cleanser is a must-try.

The Verdict

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It's a Lush Christmas | Lush Cosmetics Chrismas Collection Preview

Hands down, Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. I love how everything gets glammed up in lights and holly and festive songs play everywhere and everyone is just a little more happy (and stressed). One Christmas tradition in my family is to give beauty products as stocking stuffers. Every year my sister, me and my mom all give each other things like moisturizers, hand creams and facial scrubs and it's a great way to stock up for the season.

Recently, Lush Cosmetics sent me a preview of their special limited edition Christmas collection and I can already see how there are tons of options for this year's stocking stuffers! Here are some of the ones I'm lusting over:

  • Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, $6.95 - this luxurious ball of lavender and ylang ylang oil is a fan favourite and is a great way to soothe and moisturize tired skin.
  • Gold Fun soap, $6.95 - this moldable soap bar is filled with gold shimmer that will leave your skin party-ready, while its scent (borrowed from my fave, Honey I Washed the Kids) will leave you smelling delectable.
  • Sandy Santa body butter, $9.95 - although it may seem a little weird to rub Santa's face all over your body, the combination of coconut oil, murumuru oil and shea butter is well worth the slightly NSFW thoughts you'll be having.
  • Santa's lip scrub, $8.95 - this sugary lip scrub contains moisturizing coconut oil and a touch of fizzy cola to leave dry lips flake-free.
  • Snowcake soap, $8.95 - another Lush classic, this soap resembles a piece of marshmallow with popcorn stuck into it, but is actually a soap containing moisturizing rose and cassis absolute! Beware as this soap smells like marzipan and you may have random people creeping up and smelling how delicious you are!
You can check out all these and more in Christmas collection, including Lush's cool new holiday wrappers, at your local Lush Cosmetics store!

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L'Occitane Opening in Oakridge Centre in Vancouver

This past weekend I was invited to check out the brand new L'Occitane store in Oakridge Centre. As one of the poshest malls in Vancouver, Oakridge was a natural fit for L'Occitane's image as a maker of quality, natural based, high-end beauty products.

The store itself is situated near the food court. It's a gorgeous space that is intimate yet spacious and jam packed with tons of luxurious products. During my visit, I was given a detailed tour of all the products in the store and I have to say that all of the L'Occitane products smell heavenly, contain natural extracts, feel great on your skin and have gorgeous packaging. You can tell that this is a beauty brand that pays attention to details; from their chandelier made from their famous hand creams, to the delicate displays of real Immortelle flowers nestled on the shelves, stepping into a L'Occitane store is like stepping into a little bit of French countryside.

Here are some of the highlights from my visit:

The Christmas gift packs! 

The anti-aging Divine line contains Immortelle flowers, honey and 7 other plant extracts that work together to give you radiant, youthful skin.  

The Immortelle line. I got to try the foaming cleanser, which felt really nice and refreshing on my skin and it was the thickest foam cleanser I've ever used!  

The custom hand cream "chandelier"

Mr. Artist, if you're reading this, please buy! This is actually incredible value as just the price of a Divine Imortelle cream is $114 by itself!

L'Occitane also has a line baby products that can be used by mommies too!

The thing I fell in love with the most at the store were the fragrances. There are so many to try at the store and they are all light, refreshing and natural. I particularly liked the Peony fragrance, which is a light, girly floral. 

My absolute favourite though has to be the Citrus Verbena. A lush mix of citrus notes and verbena leaves, this fragrance is just heaven to my nostrils. Slightly tropical, super invigorating, lemony and perky, this scent just makes me want to grin and skip around. I guiltily purchased a bottle, but it's a huge bottle and I got 20% off!

More of the L'Occitane fragrance lines. The green tea one was surprisingly minty and fresh, while the Jasmine was a rich, but not overly so, floral. Normally I hate jasmine as it's often too strong in other perfumes, but this one was quite tolerable.

Another surprise to me was that I liked this Ambre & Santal scent! This perfume is a rich, oriental with hints of amber and sandalwood, yet this one smelled nothing like incense and instead smelled quite feminine and mysterious. 

If you prefer something fresher, I'd highly recommend the Cedre and Oranger fragrance, which combines cedar and winter oranges into a refreshing, woodsy scent. This one is actually formulated for men, but I could totally see a very strong woman pulling this off as well. 

All photos by me

Thank you to all the staff at the store for being such gracious hosts! If anyone is going to Oakridge, the L'Occitane store is a sure must-have stop. Also, don't forget that beauty sets always make a great gift ;)

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Buy or Ditch: Lancome Teint Visionnaire review

credit: Sassi Sam Girlie Gossip Files

The Product
Are you like me and are always on the hunt for brightening, dark spot correcting products? Then you will be very interested to find out more about this classic foundation from Lancome. The Teint Visionnaire is a 20 shade foundation that provides full coverage, SPF 20, corrects dark spots and contains LR2412, the primary ingredient in the Visionnaire anti-aging serum for minimizing fine lines and uneven skin tone. You may purchase this product at your local London Drugs.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this foundation are:

  • Dimethicone - a silicone based lubricant that provides smooth application and fills in fine lines. As this type of ingredient causes product to sit, rather than absorb into your skin, if you have acne prone skin, you may wish to avoid this ingredient as it can prevent your skin from breathing, which can lead to breakouts. I did notice that some reviewers on MUA did get breakouts, probably due to this ingredient.
  • Phenyl trimethicone, Cyclohexasiloxane - more silicone based ingredients that functions similarly to dimethicone
  • Propanediol - provides that liquid foundation texture, but has been known to cause skin irritation in sensitive skin

Price & Packaging
The bottle is fairly standard sized (1 oz) and costs $60. Since it's Lancome, I'm not surprised at the cost and it's certainly not the most expensive foundation I've ever tried.

The packaging of Teint Visionnaire is two-fold. The bottle part of the product houses the liquid foundation, while the lid opens up to reveal the concealer. One quick pump of the bottle was enough for me to cover the areas of my face that I usually apply foundation: under-eyes, nose and apples of my cheeks. Considering the amount of product in a bottle and the number of applications I can get out of that large bottle, I think the value of this foundation is pretty good.

The shade I received was Ivoire N, which is a medium in the Ivoire shades. Each of the 20 shades of Teint Visionnaire are divided into shade groups: Ivoire, which is the lightest; Buff, a more beige tone; Bisque, a range of beiges with pink to neutral undertones; and Suede a group of shades suitable for darker skins.

Here is my shade as it appears out of the bottle and swatched:

As you can see, it appears quite brown on tissue, but on my skin it turns into a really light nude color. The coverage is definitely full, which I like, yet doesn't feel heavy at all, nor does it cake into your skin. Compared to my last foundation, the Eve Pearl cream foundation, this liquid foundation felt super watery. It spread really easily and without streaking. I wore this foundation over my Lise Watier primer and found the wear to last all day while I was at work.

Despite being full coverage, this foundation is not matte at all, so if you like a light, dewy finish then you'll really like this foundation. So far, I've only been using the foundation so I haven't been able to comment on the dark spot correcting capabilities of the concealer. I actually thought the foundation contained the same feature as the concealer, which is why I skipped applying the concealer first. This lack of consideration to include the same dark spot fighting ingredients in the entire product is probably my only complaint with this product.

The Verdict

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