Buy or Ditch: Marcelle BB Cleanser review

The Product
The BB (beauty balm) craze has been at a fever pitch in North America lately after it migrated over from Asia where BB creams have been used for years. Traditionally, a BB cream was a mix of a foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen and protectant that you wore as your base makeup, but now the words BB are slapped on anything that claims to do more than one thing.

This particular product by Canadian brand, Marcelle, is more of a BB "accessory." On the website, Marcelle states that their BB cleanser is designed to "remove BB cream while cleansing and overnight complements your daytime BB cream with our renowned 8 in 1 multi-benefit effects."

The Guts
Here are some of the main ingredients in this product:

  • Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer  - a popular ingredient in cosmetics that's basically in there to provide a smooth texture
  • Aloe Vera juice - a cooling ingredient that soothes and moisturizes irritated skin
  • Anhydroxylitol - a humectant that prevents moisture loss
I love how the second ingredient in this product is Aloe Vera as it proves that this product is truly designed to moisturize skin. Other notable ingredients are Camellia Oleifera (green tea) extract, which is a natural antioxidant; and Cocomidopropyl, an ingredient derived from coconut oil that provides moisture while stripping away dirt and oil.

Price & Packaging
The Marcelle BB Cleanser is available at London Drugs for $13.56, but is currently on sale via Marcelle directly for $11.87. The packaging is a simple pump dispenser and comes in a large 200 mL bottle.

If you prefer that squeaky-clean feeling from your cleansers, then stop reading because this product will be a no for you. This cleanser is to be used exactly like a traditional cold cream; you apply and massage it into your face and then wipe it off with tissue or a damp cloth. No water needs to be used. I think the lack of water was the biggest hurdle for me in getting used to this product, so I compromised by splashing my face briefly beforehand and wiping with a damp cloth.

The texture of the cleanser is like a watery lotion. It spreads on easily and feels slightly cool on your face. It also has a very very light, pleasant scent, not unlike Lubriderm lotion.

I used 1 pump to cover my cheeks as that's where most of my foundation resides, and then another pump to cover the rest of my face. I'd recommend spending a good 30 seconds massaging this into your face as it takes awhile for the product to really dig in and clean away your makeup. I've also been using this with my Dermalogica PreCleanse oil and I think that also helps a lot to dissolve my makeup at night.

After wiping off the product, my face feels soft and I don't even need moisturizer during the day! At night, I like to add on more moisture so I use my Kiehls Skin Rescuer lotion on top and the combination leaves my skin baby soft in the morning.

If you're looking for a very gentle cleansing routine, then the BB Cleanser is a must-try.

The Verdict

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