Christmas Party Dresses Part 2: Modcloth

In part 1 of my affordable Christmas party dresses series, I showed how even Forever 21 can give you a cute party dress (that isn't high-low!). This week, I'm going to feature one of my favourite online shops, ModCloth.

For those unfamiliar with ModCloth, it's a mecca for vintage and twee-fashion-loving women everywhere. If you want something fun, unique, uber feminine, while not being uber sexy, then ModCloth is your place. I love everything about this website. They have a HUGE inventory and each product page comes with a clever story to visualize and tempt you further into buying. As a lover of words, I appreciate the textual imagery. Also, there are tons of user reviews for most items, so between reading those and looking at the size guides, you can feel pretty assured that you'll find the right fit.

Here are my top picks for affordable ModCloth party dresses:

Baklava Beauty Dress, $89.99

Here is a quintessential party dress: strapless, short and ruffled. It doesn't get much more fun than this, but hold up, before you start thinking this is too cute and boisterous, check out how that navy color grounds everything and makes it seem grownup as opposed to just prom queen. What's even more fun about this dress is the contrasting texture of the ruffles themselves; some are solid navy, while others are made of a sheer, pleated material, which adds a hint more visual interest.

Coda of Conduct dress, $50.99 

If your party is strictly black-tie, then try on this beautiful black and white dress. At only just over $50 for a more formal looking dress, you really can't go wrong. I love the classic, cute details on this one, such as the black bow and lace detailing. Just think how great this dress would look while you're being spun around on the dance floor, arm in arm with your dashing date.

Frill Seeking dress, $38.99

Another romantic looking option is this cream lace number. This dress was chosen by ModCloth's special community of VIP users, so you know this one is sure to be an attention-getter. Pair with soft, pink lips and curled hair and you'll have everyone watching you.

Plum Appetit dress, $43.99

Lastly, there is this pretty aubergine lace dress. Lace seems to be the recurring theme for me this year, but it's such a great fabric to make an outfit feel more formal, feminine and dressed up. Purple is such a gorgeous color all year round and this dress would look just as lovely in spring as in winter, unlike some of the previous options. I like how this one is a little more casual too. The skirt has a pretty polka dot pattern and I think this dress could easily be dressed down with a bright yellow cardigan for a daytime lunch date or afternoon tea with the girls.

Stay tuned for next week as I reveal part 3 of the series! Don't forget to check out part 1 too :)

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