L'Occitane Opening in Oakridge Centre in Vancouver

This past weekend I was invited to check out the brand new L'Occitane store in Oakridge Centre. As one of the poshest malls in Vancouver, Oakridge was a natural fit for L'Occitane's image as a maker of quality, natural based, high-end beauty products.

The store itself is situated near the food court. It's a gorgeous space that is intimate yet spacious and jam packed with tons of luxurious products. During my visit, I was given a detailed tour of all the products in the store and I have to say that all of the L'Occitane products smell heavenly, contain natural extracts, feel great on your skin and have gorgeous packaging. You can tell that this is a beauty brand that pays attention to details; from their chandelier made from their famous hand creams, to the delicate displays of real Immortelle flowers nestled on the shelves, stepping into a L'Occitane store is like stepping into a little bit of French countryside.

Here are some of the highlights from my visit:

The Christmas gift packs! 

The anti-aging Divine line contains Immortelle flowers, honey and 7 other plant extracts that work together to give you radiant, youthful skin.  

The Immortelle line. I got to try the foaming cleanser, which felt really nice and refreshing on my skin and it was the thickest foam cleanser I've ever used!  

The custom hand cream "chandelier"

Mr. Artist, if you're reading this, please buy! This is actually incredible value as just the price of a Divine Imortelle cream is $114 by itself!

L'Occitane also has a line baby products that can be used by mommies too!

The thing I fell in love with the most at the store were the fragrances. There are so many to try at the store and they are all light, refreshing and natural. I particularly liked the Peony fragrance, which is a light, girly floral. 

My absolute favourite though has to be the Citrus Verbena. A lush mix of citrus notes and verbena leaves, this fragrance is just heaven to my nostrils. Slightly tropical, super invigorating, lemony and perky, this scent just makes me want to grin and skip around. I guiltily purchased a bottle, but it's a huge bottle and I got 20% off!

More of the L'Occitane fragrance lines. The green tea one was surprisingly minty and fresh, while the Jasmine was a rich, but not overly so, floral. Normally I hate jasmine as it's often too strong in other perfumes, but this one was quite tolerable.

Another surprise to me was that I liked this Ambre & Santal scent! This perfume is a rich, oriental with hints of amber and sandalwood, yet this one smelled nothing like incense and instead smelled quite feminine and mysterious. 

If you prefer something fresher, I'd highly recommend the Cedre and Oranger fragrance, which combines cedar and winter oranges into a refreshing, woodsy scent. This one is actually formulated for men, but I could totally see a very strong woman pulling this off as well. 

All photos by me

Thank you to all the staff at the store for being such gracious hosts! If anyone is going to Oakridge, the L'Occitane store is a sure must-have stop. Also, don't forget that beauty sets always make a great gift ;)

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