Palladium Footwear: Original Streetwear since 1947

It's always interesting to learn about a company's evolution. A lot of the times, a company starts out doing one thing and then pivots to do another; for instance, did you know that Youtube originally was conceived as an online video dating service? Palladium is another example of a company who did a 180. Founded in 1920, Palladium made its mark manufacturing tires for the aviation industry. After WWII, the demand for aircraft tires slowed dramatically and Palladium had to diversify, so it began designing shoes that were as durable and light as its signature tires. The result was a line of footwear renowned for their durability, lightness and endurance in the harshest of conditions. Even the French Foreign Legion adopted Palladium as their boot supplier!

If these shoes can withstand harsh conditions like swamps and desert, then they're certainly suited for the everyday urbanite. I recently got a chance to try out a pair of Palladium shoes with these casual runners:

Retailing for around $50 USD, these sneakers are super lightweight, feature a rubber sole and are available in a range of colors.

Although not my typical style, I think these shoes are a great option for casual, weekend outfits. I paired these shoes with some dark denim, a chambray shirt and a my trusty mustard sweater layered on top for a casual office look. My only complaint with the shoes is that they are rather stiff, probably due to that tough rubber outer! They also rub a bit on my ankles as I walk, but that could be easily alleviated with a heel insole.

Another boot I'm eyeing on the Palladium website are these cool Pampa Sport boots. These babies contain a moisture wicking lining, are made of waterproof leather and rubber and can be worn with the top flipped up or rolled over! Check out these and more great styles for women and men on the Palladium website.

**Shoes were provided by Palladium for review, but all content and opinions are my own.

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