Win #24Days of Annabelle Cosmetics TwistUp Lipstick!

24 days, 24 lipsticks, 24 photos and now 1 massive recap. It's been a whirlwind month doing the Annabelle Cosmetics TwistUp lipstick challenge, but it was definitely a rewarding learning experience.

My general thoughts about all of the TwistUp lipsticks is that they have a great creamy texture that won't give you (for the most part) that awful dryness with its accompanying feathering and line settling, that regular lipstick does. Every person I met who asked me about the TwistUps had the same question and I can assure you that these are not like your regular lipstick. I do recommend wearing lip balm as always, but if you wear it solo, you'll get a nice creamy texture with a lot of color payoff; and at $9.95 per shade, that's a price to value ratio that can't be beat!

Besides pigmentation and texture, the other thing I loved about these lipstick crayons was the pointed tip. Unlike other lip crayons I've tried, like the Clinique and Revlon ones which had a fat, blunt tip not unlike a felt marker, the TwistUp has a more pointed edge that makes it ideal for drawing a strong edge. The ability to draw a defined lip line helps when you're wearing the bolder colors of this line, such as Red Carpet, Cherry and Vamp.

My only criticism with this product is that some of the shades, particularly the nudes, didn't fill in very nicely and you really have to layer it on to get full color. Also, a couple of the shades did settle into lip lines - namely Naked and Bubble for me.

The best part of this challenge was checking out how the colors looked on the other bloggers! I definitely recommend checking out Sheila's, Angela's and Rae's recaps. Although we are all Asian and all of a similar skin tone, the colors all looked quite different on each of us. Turns out, that natural lip color is a big factor in how a lip color looks! I've learned that my medium skin tone and medium pink lips with slight blue undertones fares well with most colors, except anything brown toned or that which is a cool pink. Fine for me as I never liked those types of colors anyways!

Anyways, here is the recap of all the TwistUp shades, by color family:

Berries and magenta

Clock-wise from top left: Cherry, Kinky Pink, Royale, Vamp

For the most part, I loved the berries on me. These colors were all very richly pigmented and Vamp was downright goth, but a pretty goth, that grew on me. Kinky Pink is probably the most daytime friendly of the bunch and Royale is much deeper IRL than shown here. These are all great colors for fall and winter and highly recommended if you want to up the drama!


Clockwise from top left: Absolute, Havana, Naked, Romance

The nudes were a troublesome bunch from what I've seen from myself and others. Out of these, I prefer Absolute the most as it has more pink, whereas Naked is more peachy and Havana and Romance are more brown. When picking a nude, I wouldn't say you should totally match your skin as you'll just look washed out (i.e. Havana on me), so a color that adds just a *hint* of color will do.


Clockwise from top left: Kiss, Mai tai, Mimosa, Orange Pop

I love orange lips so all of the orange shades were right up my alley! Orange Pop and Mai Tai had the most impact as they were a orange-pink-red combo. I like my orange lips to be very strong, so the more neutral shades, Kiss and Mimosa were fairly boring. I wish the orange line was as expansive as the pink shades as Kiss and Mimosa are basically dupes. In fact, the two are so similar that I mixed up the posting days for them!


From left: Fuschianista, Plump it up and Sorbet

There are 7 pink shades in the TwistUp line, so lots of variation here for everyone. Fuschianista is one of those blue-pinks that I realize now that I can never, ever war. I look horridly radioactive in it! Plump it up is more of a magenta pink that I instantly fell in love with, while Sorbet is a gorgeous watermelon pink that I've been wearing everyday!

Clockwise from top left: Bazooka pink, Breeze, Bubble, Divine

With the exception of Bazooka Pink, which is Fuschianista's slightly less crazy sister, the rest of the pink shades vary only in their amounts of rose tone. All of these are "my lips, but better" shades, with Breeze being the pinkest and Divine the reddest. Breeze is another of my favourites from this line and I like the very light, girly look it gives - definitely a spring shade!


Clockwise from top left: Fizz, Flirtini, Monroe and Red carpet

And finally, there are the reds. I love red lips as much as I love oranges (and pinks and berries), so all of these are a big thumbs up by me. Fizz looks a little dull in comparison to the rest of these, but trust me it's not to miss as its the sole shade in the TwistUp line with a hint of shimmer. If you want a true red, go for Red Carpet as it's deeper and more scarlet than Monroe.

So there are all the shades! TwistUp is available where-ever Annabelle Cosmetics is sold, such as London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and of course online (they ship to the US too!).

Now that you've made it through this recap, here is the best part - I am giving away a full set of the TwistUp shades featuring ALL 24 SHADES!! That's right - all 24! So how do you get your hands on these?

To enter:
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