Lust of the Week: Larkspur & Hawk Olivia Button Ring

Olivia button ring

Boyfriends take note. This gorgeous copper and gold shiner is sure to make your special someone's eyes light up. Made of rose gold washed silver and copper foil, this dramatic, yet classic cocktail ring is a stunner that will dress up even the most casual of outfits. Designer Emily Satloff, has a sharp eye for detail and a healthy appreciation for the timeless looks of the past, so you can be sure that item will stand the test of time. Prices available by request.

In other news, lately I've been feeling a bit of a rut with posts and wanting to write things that are more personal than the usual, check out this pretty thing, but I find myself at a loss as to how to do so in an interesting way for you, my readers. I think the best blogs are the ones where you feel as if you're reading a letter from a friend and that you follow the blogger, not the blog, yet I hesitate to show too much of my personal thoughts or life on here as it's public and therefore I have to censor out large parts of my life (e.g. work and people) which leaves me a bit at a loss as to how to approach this. Does anyone have any ideas?

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