Favourite Relationship Songs

As much as I love words, there's something about words set to music that really just elevates everything. The emotion in the singer's voice, the lyrics and the instrumentals all combine to create an overwhelming emotional response. Or maybe I'm just conditioned to movie soundtracks.

Here are some songs that I mark as some of my favourite "relationship" songs. I mark them as relationship rather than love songs, as love songs generally to me only address a certain aspect of love, whereas love is complicated, its messy, its torturous. Certainly, none of these songs involve anyone under the age of 18 because people under 18 don't know shit about love, despite what the radio will tell you. Each song is very personal to me, marking times in my own relationships where the sentiments of the song matched my own. Whether they are about falling in love, falling out of love, regret or grief, I've noticed that all the songs have a similar melancholiness to them. What does this say about me! Apparently I like depressing music.

Without further ado, the list:

Head Over Feet is all about falling in love, despite the barriers you put in front of yourself. Haven't we all been a little gun shy about letting someone in?

Lyrics here.

Everlong, especially the acoustic version, is amazeballs. This song is all about being in the throes of love.  In the song, singer/songwriter Dave Grohl describes how his lover is so incredible that he can hardly believe how he lived without her.

Lyrics here.

Canadian band Billy Talent is way underrated in my opinion for back in its day. These guys write some pretty damn good lyrics and this song has got to be my favourite of theirs. In the song, the narrator pleads for forgiveness of his lover after realizing how he destroyed their relationship with his insecurity. I probably had this song on repeat 100 times when it came out.

Lyrics here.

The newest song of this bunch, I only heard this one recently, but it immediately struck a chord with me. This song is a great example of how powerful simplicity can be. For anyone slowly realizing the dying of a relationship, you'll understand just what I mean. Apparently Christina Aguilera is in this song, but I don't hear it??

Lyrics here.

And finally of course I have to include The Blower's Daughter in this list. This song is the epitome of the agony love can incite. How do you get over the memory of someone? You listen to this song.

Lyrics here.

What are your favourite relationship songs?

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