Happy belated 2014!

Hope everyone had a fun New Year's Eve! Mr. Artist and I went to our usual NYE houseparty at one of Mr. Artist's friends condo and this year Sheila came along as well, which was a fun addition! It was a pretty fun, chill affair with people just talking and drinking lots of various types of liquor. Unfortunately, there was also lots of spillage in the hosts' all-white living room (what a mistake!). Sadly, I was one of those spillers. I was standing around chatting and Mr. Artist mentioned how so many people were spilling this year compared to last year and next thing I know, I seemed to have thrown my drink in the air,spilling my cranberry vodka everywhere. Not sure why, considering I don't recall knocking into me...

This week also marked the return to work and routine. Luckily, I only had a couple days to work before the weekend again, thanks to New Years falling on a Wednesday. Let me tell you, returning to work after a holiday is HARD. Even if you love your job, it's HARD. Why can't I just get to work in bed? WHAT USE IS TECHNOLOGY FOR.

In order to get out of those work day blues and the long winter months ahead, Mr. Artist and I have decided to book a trip together! I'm thinking somewhere warm, like Hawaii! I haven't been back to Hawaii in years, but I tell everyone how it's my favourite place on Earth. Chill people, amazing weather that's not too hot or cold, beautiful tropical scenery, great multicultural food and culture and public beaches everywhere. Who wouldn't love it! I mean look at this how friggin amazing this place looks!

The beach: somewhere I'd rather be anytime
Screw you job

Only lame thing about Hawaii is the price as I'm starting to research various flights and venues. A friend recommended checking out AirBNB, but I'm a bit skeptical. Staying in a random's house? How will you know if they're psycho or even hygienic? Anyone have experiences using this service and can provide tips?

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