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Lately my two biggest (and worst) influences, Sheila and Angela have inflamed my passion for perfume. I've always been fascinated with perfumes and especially perfume bottles, but lately I seem to be collecting more scents than I've ever had at one time in my life.

Scent is your body's signature and is one of the most expressive senses that you possess. Scent is highly personal and the same perfume can wear very differently and mean different things to every person. I always remember how my mom's signature scent is her Chanel No. 5. Always a classic, this scent is literally an icon unto itself and while I love the smell of it on her, on me it seems to overpower and wears way too musky - just an example of how different the same perfume can be.

While I haven't narrowed down my scent signature, I do know I tend to be drawn to lighter perfumes that are either fresh/oceany, citrusy or lightly floral. Here are some of the favourites in my collection lately:

CLEAN perfumes

I recently picked up a 3-pack set of the CLEAN perfumes at Sephora on Boxing Day. I initially was only in love with Rain, a refreshing and tantalizing mix of melon, daffodil and water lilies, but I've since fallen in love with White Woods and Skin as well.

Where Rain is more melon-y and refreshing, White Woods and Skin are more appropriate for winter with their heavier notes. White Woods combines mandarin, vanilla orchid and sandalwood to create a luxurious, almost creamy smell; while Skin is the most floral with its mix of honeydew, lotus blossom and blue rose.

When I'm not wearing these, I can be found wearing my L'Occitane Citrus Verbena. I am so IN LOVE with this scent. Although not a winter perfume at all, I find the Citrus Verbena's powerfully fresh notes of lemon oil, organic verbena and grapefruit so invigorating in the morning. L'Occitane's Verbena perfume is also very similar to the Citrus Verbena, but I prefer the latter for the added complexity that the other notes adds in.

L'Occitane Citrus Verbena perfume

Finally, I find myself regularly sighing over and lusting for the many lovely scents of Joe Malone. There's a Joe Malone scent for everyone as the line fills the whole spectrum of scents from feminine florals, to zesty citruses and spicy gourmands; plus, most of the scents are made to be layered with each other, increasing your perfume options exponentially. I cannot narrow down which ones I want as I want them all!

If I had to pick only three though, the front runners so far would be the Nectarine Blossom & Honey, the English Pear & Freesia and the Nutmeg & Ginger (incidentally, the last two smell beautifully when layered together!).

Joe Malone perfume collection

Now I want to know: what are your perfume obsessions?

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