Which bangs should I get?

It's official. It's hair cut time. As I was saying to a friend of mine over the weekend, I always try to get into a proper hair maintenance routine, but usually I only think to cut my hair at the moment when the sight of it everyday drives me crazy with its ugliness, at which she pointed out, isn't that too late then? Yes, yes it is and so people it's time to ditch my current lifeless, flat locks, for greener pastures.

Like most people, I've had the same basic style forever. I don't like pixie cuts on myself and my hair gets too heavy for uber long locks, so I'm left dealing with mid-length, which actually is just where I like it. Mid-length hair is the most versatile IMO; it's short enough to not get in the way and long enough that you can pull it back. This time, I'm thinking of leaving it a teeny bit longer, but with one small difference: BANGS.

For some reason, no man I know loves bangs, but us women? We love them and right now I'm really itching for a sexy/cute fringe. Here are a few of my bang inspirations below:

Perfect blond bangs on long hair
OK seriously, this girl could not BE more perfect!
Photo: Kayture

Bangs on mid-length hair
Slightly longer bangs with lightly wavy mid-length hair
Photo: NastyGal.com

Alexa Chung
Of course, can't talk bangs without mentioning one of my style inspirations, Alexa Chung! Girl has killer bangs.
Image via Tumblr

Emma Stone with bangs
Kinda tomboyish and probably most like my own hair, Emma Stone makes any look cute.

Which bangs are your favourite?

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