Buy or Ditch: L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Eye Cream review

On my never-ending quest for the HG of eye creams, I managed to snag myself a free bottle of the L'Occitane Immortelle Divine eye cream. I've tried many an eye cream and all have failed me. My eye area is generally soft and free of dark circles, but I do need to use concealer to avoid looking tired. I also tend to get fine smile lines underneath my eyes, which no product has been able to do away with.

The Product
L'Occitane is a French beauty brand known for their naturally sourced ingredients and approach to skin care. Immortelle is the flagship line of L'Occitane and is based around the immortelle flower, a renowned yellow flower known to never age. The Divine line is a subset of the Immortelle products that I believe contains a higher concentration of anti-aging ingredients.

The Guts
The top ingredients in this eye cream are:

  • Glycerin - your everyday workhorse moisturizer
  • Rosa centifolia flower water - aka rose water, a known antioxidant. Rose water helps to tighten and strengthen skin 
  • Caprylic/Capric triglyceride - derived from coconut oil, this ingredient protects the skin from moisture loss by working as a natural emollient
For those on the lookout for this sort of thing, this product also contains dimethicones.

Other beneficial ingredients include shea butter, various flower oils (primrose, camelina, and sunflower to name a few) and honey. The actual immortelle flower (Helichrysum Italicum) is in the first third of the ingredient list, which isn't too bad considering some products have their "star" ingredient listed last.

Price & Packaging
This eye cream comes in a simple pump bottle and costs $74 for 15 mL. The price might seem pretty steep, but as someone who likes to invest in certain beauty products, this price isn't too frightening. Also, a little bit goes a long way and I've been using this cream for a couple months now without nearing the bottom.

The texture and scent of this cream are quite enjoyable. It's slightly gel-like, white texture is more watery than other creams I've used, which is surprising considering it contains shea butter. It also feels slightly cooling when first applied and the scent is extremely light and slightly floral. The cream absorbs quickly and easily.

I applied this cream daily, twice a day. At first, my eye area looks plump and moist, probably due to the dimethicones, but after a few hours, my lines inevitably reappear whether I am wearing makeup that day or not. Despite this, I actually quite like this cream and would probably buy it again.


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Pinspirations: Dreaming of spring

Aquamarine ring, Etsy |  Makeup, Pat McGrath |  Skirt, Tumblr |  Clutch, Pinterest |  Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Cadence flat, Nordstrom

Everything old comes back again. A couple years ago, I was very much in love with blush pinks and soft neutrals. Now that old flame is back and I can't get enough of draping and fluttering fabrics in cool breezy tones. The delicate falling of a strand of hair. The feel of strong leather between my fingers. Romantic and effortless seems to be my mantra lately. Style must have a quiet, unassuming elegance. I think I've grown tired of the rushing pace of life and the demand for everyone to stand out. There's a kind of harmony in blending in isn't there? At least a pop of chartreuse will keep things interesting.

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Off to the land of Harry Potter!

Tomorrow I'll be flying off to merry old England for a week for work where I'll be visiting the home of Hogwart's. No really, I'll be stopping by Oxford where some of the scenes of Hogwart's were filmed. This will be my first out of country work trip, so I'm kinda excited, but also nervous! It's always a little nerve-wracking meeting clients for the first time. I hate the pressure of having to be charming all the time and I'm pretty sure I'm not. Also, the accents! I'm horrible at deciphering accents, so there are bound to be lots of "what's that?"in my future.

Despite this though, I'm quite looking forward to experiencing a new country. I'll be taking an extra weekend off as well for a quick stopover in London. My priorities are to:

  1. Have proper English tea service
  2. Buy lots of candy 
  3. Buy lots of duty free makeup and beauty products

Oh and I suppose I should visit a museum or two.

If anyone has any London or England tips please send them my way! I've also got a couple posts scheduled for you all next week, so it won't feel too empty here, but I may be slow in replying to comments.

See you all when I return!

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Swooning for the Obakki SS '14 collection

As soon as I saw this collection online, I had to share it with you all. The Obakki SS 2014 collection is a tidal wave of drool-worthy items and deserves all of your thorough lusting.

The collection is entirely done in shades of white, tan, black, navy and white with the occasional coral punctuating the neutral sea. Drapey silk and structured pieces stand at attention next to one another. The collection seems very "New York" to me and not your typical Vancouver fare, except for the billowy silk tops and tapered pants. It's refreshing to see someone trying to increase Vancouver's fashion game and Obakki has been at it longer than most. While the prices are definitely steep, the craftsmanship and design are impeccable. I know I'll be sniffing their sales rack for some of these!

Here are a few of my favourites from the collection, which you can view in its entirety online:

Just J: Obakki SS 2014 asymmetrical silk dress
Asymmetric silk dress, $415

While I'm not a fan normally of high-low, this take on the asymmetrical trend is quite refreshing. I could imagine wearing this to a wedding or out to dinner. Although this dark taupe is quite pretty, this dress also comes in more spring-like colors like a bright sapphire blue, white and nude.

Just J: Obakki SS 2014 peplum top
Peplum hem top, $215

This top makes me quite happy as it shows that peplum is still in! At least the trend has died enough that it doesn't feel tired to wear peplum and this gorgeous nude top has me suddenly wanting a peplum top in my closet.

Just J: Obakki SS 2014 loose georgette silk blouse
Silk pullover, $275

Loose, silk, casual - this top has all the makings of a staple in my style book. Available in ash, black and white, I love the pearly grey shown above and how it just drapes beautifully over the model's body. The 3/4 length sleeves keep things casual and you from worrying about getting your cuffs dirty. Wear loose over skinnies as shown here, or pair it with a pencil skirt in a bright pattern.

Just J: Obakki SS 2014 layered silk tank dress
Layered silk dress, $360

I can't wait for Lychee's next event so I have an excuse to buy myself a new dress for "work." This LBD is the type of LBD dreams are made of. A perfect just above the knee length, beautiful silk material, and a flattering silhouette that outlines your curves, while also being forgiving. Obakki, you think of everything.

Which piece, or pieces, in this collection would you wear?

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Guest Post: Chantal's Corner's cuticle care essentials

I'm super happy to announce Chantal as my first guest blogger from the Canadian Beauty Blogger network! I recently joined this growing group of enterprising ladies and we will all be hosting monthly guest blogs on various topics. Chantal is a gamer, a jewelry maker and a nail polish expert. She's also a soon-to-be new mom! 

The topic for the first month of our guest blog series is "skincare," so check out Chantal's take on cuticle care and read the rest of the CBB girls' features via the links at the end of this post.

Hi everyone!

I'm Chantal from Chantal's Corner and I'm honoured to be guess posting for MizzJ today! I'll be sharing my cuticle care essentials because I find taking care of your cuticles is just as important as the rest of your body – not to mention that healthy cuticles help your nails be in better health.

Chantal's Corner's cuticle care essentials

Many of us hydrate our hands, especially in these cold and dry winter months, but not many people take the time to moisturize their cuticles. I don't find that most hand lotions are strong enough to hydrate my cuticles; they need a little extra TLC so I rely on these products to keep mine in top shape.

Oil Moisturizers
Some cuticle products are oil based. These work really well and even though they are oily, as long as you don't go overboard with your application you won't end up with oily hands.

Chantal's Corner's cuticle care essentials: OPI Avoplex and Etude House

OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil – This product smells really good; it's fruity and fresh and just yummy! I use this one every morning before leaving for work. I've been doing this for over a year and the bottle is still half full – it really lasts!

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go – This is the Cuticle Replenishing Oil in a travel ­friendly format. It's great to carry in your purse and for on-­the-­run applications. I also use mine after I'm done doing my nails ­ I can just swipe it around my cuticles without getting it all over my fresh nail polish.

Etude House Help My Finger Essence Spa – Honestly I have not tried this one yet (since I have so many on the go already), but I love Etude House so I just had to buy it.  :­)

Balm Moisturizers
Another type of cuticle moisturizers are balms. These can be less messy than oil moisturizers and if you carry them in your purse they have less chance of making a mess (no leaking).

Chantal's Corner's cuticle care essentials - Burt's Bees, Qtica and Rainbow Honey

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – As expected this one smells like lemons. I really like the scent and it works really well too. You need to hold your finger in the balm for a few seconds to melt it a bit, then it's really easy to apply. I keep this one on my night table.

Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm (the black cap – the brand name has faded away) – This is the first cuticle product that I bought and I was hooked! The scent is kind of that perfumy makeup smell, but it's not overwhelming and I actually like it. This one has a softer texture than Burt's Bees (you don't need to “melt” it), and it works wonders. I keep this one in my purse.

Rainbow Honey Cuticle Balm in Sakura Matsuri – I got this as part of a set when I first ordered some Rainbow Honey nail polish. It smells amazing and it works really well. This one is kind of put away for now since I have some all over already, but it will definitely replace whichever one I run out of – or if I need to put one somewhere new.

I tried to pick a top one when I was writing this and I just can't. They all feel different – so in one way it all depends on the types of texture you prefer, but they all work great. However, if you don't have one yet then I would recommend Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. It's probably the most easily attainable one out of all of these since you can get it in most mass retail stores and drugstores.

Do you hydrate your cuticles? What product(s) do you use?

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March beauty and makeup favourites

I've never done a monthly favourites post before, but lately I seem to have more products to review than I have time to write them! Since this isn't a 100% beauty blog, I don't want to write just reviews all the time, so I'm trying out this format as a compromise. Let me know what you think and whether you think it should also include duds!

Just J: my favourite skincare and makeup products for March

1. Lise Watier Jardin de Givre illuminating powder - lately I've been all about the natural look. Soft, pink lips, minimal eye makeup or softly smokey eyes and glowing, flushed skin is my go-to. I've featured this powder before and I want to write a full-fledge review on this later as well because it is just. that. good. This powder gives you just a hint of shimmer that is perfect for everyday.

2. Almay Clear Complexion concealer and treatment gel - this is also one of my empties this month. I rarely get blemishes, but when I do, this is my daytime blemish treatment. One end contains a salicylic acid treatment that is slightly green to reduce redness. The other end is a concealer that also contains blemish fighting ingredients. Slim and easy for on the go touchups, this gel took me FOREVER to use up and effectively clears minor zits.

3. L'Occitane Immortelle Divine cream - I've been using this facial cream for the past few months. As pricey as it is at $144/jar, I absolutely love it. Smells great and has a luxurious, creamy texture that feels amazing overnight. I always wake up to soft, smooth skin with this one.

4. Nivea Aqua Effect Gentle toner - another old standby, this alcohol-free toner contains almond oil to moisturize your skin while also cleansing it of dirt and residue.

What are your thoughts on any of these products? What are your favourite products right now?

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Buy or Ditch: Lise Watier Age Control Supreme Ultimate Body Butter review

Lise Water Age Control Supreme body butter

I received this product as part of the winter collection package Lise Watier sent to me. Having never used any of their body products before, I was very intrigued and especially so at the mention of the words "body butter." Ever since my teenage Body Shop years, I've been a big fan of body butters and was eager to see how this one measured up.

The Product
The Lise Watier Age Control Supreme Ultimate Body Butter is specially designed to combat winter skin.  It claims to offer 48 hours moisture and long-term prevention of dehydration. This product is part of the new Lise Watier Labrador Tea line.  Traditionally, Labrador tea was consumed as a medicinal drink for colds and applied directly to soothe burns and inflammation. It is these latter properties that Lise Watier hopes to isolate for its anti-aging potential.

The Guts
The top ingredients in this product are:

  • Shea butter - derived from natural nut oils, anything containing Shea butter is sure to have a thick, rich texture and be super moisturizing. I love that Shea is the first ingredient in this lotion!
  • Glycerin - your run-of-the-mill moisturizer. This is a great workhorse that appears in most moisturizers.
  • Cetyl alcohol - derived from either coconut or palm oil, this ingredient provides lubrication and softens skin.
  • Dicapryl carbonate - another lubricant that gives skin a soft, velvety feel
Besides these ingredients, this moisturizer also contains Argan oil (moisturizing), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) and of course Labrador tea. 

Price & Packaging
Age Control Supreme comes in a quite large 200 mL jar and retails for $70. Like most body butters, the packaging is a simple screw-top jar.


Just J: should you buy or ditch the Lise Watier age control supreme ultimate body butter?
Photo via Beauty Reflections

Unfortunately, I used up this product before I could take a decent photo, but at least you can see the above photo courtesy of Beauty Reflections! As you can see, the texture is deliciously thick and creamy, more like thick thick Greek yogurt, than actual butter.

Another reason why I didn't get my own photo for this review was because I just LOVE slathering this lotion on all over. It's so rich and creamy! And it absorbs decently fast, although you will still get that tacky feeling, which I actually love at night after a long day. Finally, there's a light floral scent off this lotion, which thankfully isn't overpowering or unpleasant.

My biggest pet peeve with this lotion is that I want MORE of it and that I wish it was more spreadable so that it lasted longer. Of course, I've never had a super spreadable body butter ever, so I don't see that as Lise Watier's fault. Also, I may be overly generous with my application as other bloggers have noted that it lasted them a couple months, but it only lasted me one.

This lotion left my skin feeling soft and velvety. It's the perfect winter moisturizer. After the first week, I actually switched to only applying it every other day and didn't notice any difference in the moisture of my skin. The only thing making me hesitate with purchasing this product is the price. $70 is a lot if I have to buy every month and I'd rather reserve that money for my face.

The Verdict

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A Book Devoured: Review of A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage

I seem to be on a trend of food history books because after reading Cooked and now A History of the World in 6 Glasses, I am on the hunt for more food history books to devour!

I first heard about this book from Jayne and its parallels to the structure of Cooked intrigued me. While Cooked described various cooking techniques as parallels to stages in the development of civilization, A History does a similar thing by describing how 6 drinks shaped human history. Those 6 drinks/phases of history are:

  • beer and the birth of agriculture and urban living
  • wine and the development of ancient society
  • spirits and the imperial age of exploration
  • coffee and the age of enlightenment
  • tea and the industrial age and the affects of globalization
  • coca-cola and the dawning of the modern, Americanized era
I found this book to be more enjoyable and easier to read than Cooked, due to Tom Standage not indulging in the slightly roundabout writing style that Michael Pollan employs. Standage seems genuinely interested in the facts and history and it's fascinating to see the link between each of these humble beverages and their effect on global society. The world may seem small now, but after reading this book, it feels as if it has always been small when one drink can change so many countries and people's lives. Definitely worth reading, preferably with a cup or two of one of these!

Available for purchase on Amazon.
Read more reviews on GoodReads.

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Marisol umbrellas: sheltering women from rain, and war

Just J: Marisol umbrellas shelter women from rain, and war

Marisol umbrellas are not just your typical stylish umbrella. Made by hand by artisans in Brooklyn, each Marisol umbrella highlights a different African print and contains a tough steel frame made to withstand the worst of winter's wind. As well, 20% of every umbrella purchase is donated to The City of Joy, a non-profit women's center in Bukavu in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Here, women can receive treatment and support with dealing with the violence of war, domestic abuse and other trauma. Having such a refuge is critical for women in the DRC, where sexual violence against women is sadly much too often.

I have to admit, that just because a company has a valuable mission, doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to buy it if the quality isn't there, or the product isn't stylish. Luckily, Marisol pulls through on that end as well. Each umbrella can be customized with your own choice of handle and matching pattern. Online, the choices are separated by handle and there are tons of gorgeous options available. While the umbrellas are all quite gorgeous, they are also a tad more than I'd normally spend on an umbrella at $395 and up! Despite the price though, I do think Marisol is worth checking out. In a rainy climate like Vancouver, a designer umbrella that helps support women in need may be a worthier purchase than a trendy handbag!

Just J: Marisol umbrellas: sheltering women from rain, and war

** Update Mar 12: I made an error in stating that you could not view close-ups of the umbrellas online. The post has been corrected to reflect that.

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30 random things

I was recently inspired by Angela to do this tag after reading her list last week, which was full of interesting and fun facts. Hopefully mine aren't too boring either!

1. I started keeping a journal when I was 7 years old. My first journal was a tiny notepad shaped like a purple bunny and I would write about my recent play dates, school, and how mad I was at my sister.

2. Also when I was little I was, like Angela, obsessed with The Little Mermaid. My obsession though was very very pronounced. I watched the movie so many times I had it memorized, could imitate all the characters and almost wore out the VHS. I also owned Ariel dolls, toys, full bed set with duvet and pillow case, more pillows, stuffies, clothing, fanny pack, wallets, and posters. I also could play every song from the movie on piano.

3. Tomato sauce, is IMO, one of the food world's greatest inventions.

4. I love to collect cutesy stationery and pencil cases that I never use.

5. I HATE horror movies and never watch any, so any cultural reference from a horror film is lost to me. At the same time, I don't find films like Silence of the Lambs to be scary at all and even read the books.

6. I get startled very easily.

7. I never sneeze just once.

8. When I was a kid, I wanted to be either an astronaut and be the first Asian woman on Mars, or a TV entertainment reporter and interview celebrities.

9. The only class I've ever failed was woodworking.

10. I decided to go into software engineering at university after learning Flash in a high school computer class.

11. I have a very set routine in the morning and if you interrupt me while I'm at it, I will bite your head off.

12. I love playing with makeup and have always wanted to become a certified makeup artist.

13. My boyfriend rekindled my interest in video and computer games. My favourite type of games are J-RPGs. My favourite games are Chrono Trigger, Ni No Kuni and Civilizations.

14. My favourite place to be is on a beach.

15. I am oddly terrified of roller skating. Skating also terrifies me at a slightly less level.

16. I have danced on a bar before.

17. While I might seem like a friendly person, I am actually quite shy and hate approaching people.

18. I've always thought of myself as being ambitious, but when I took a 3 month break between jobs, I had one of the best summers of my life.

19. I love to travel and have been to southern Europe, south east Asia, Hawaii, and various cities across the US and Canada.

20. I really really love to wear leggings, even though I'm worried that they are now out of style.

21. One of my dreams is to be a published author.

22. I love babies and toddlers, but infants scare me (they're so wobby and breakable!).

23. I never cry at movies.

24. Some of my favourite foods include cheesecake, spaghetti, and Chinese turnip cake.

25. I cannot stand to eat Wine Gums after I was obsessed with them one brief summer when I was a kid and ate them constantly.

26. My favourite color changes every year. Currently, my favourite color is heather grey.

27. Whenever I see a tall, blond, good-looking girl walk by, a little part of me shrivels up inside.

28. For the first few months of dating Mr. Artist, I thought something must be wrong with him as I was his first real girlfriend.

29. I'm a classic Libra and am really indecisive about any little decision. Large restaurant menus paralyze me.

30. I used to love reading Choose Your Own Adventure books and would play out each permutation to find out all the endings.

That's all 30! It was pretty tricky, but also kinda fun thinking of these. I hope this inspires you to do one yourself and if you do, please let me know about it!

** Update Mar 11: Forgot to link back to Amy's tag as well! Check hers out if you love chocolate, cats and you love the Prairies!

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A Book Devoured: Review of The MadAddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood

When I get into book series, I become very very focused. I cannot stop reading the series until I am done, so that's why I am writing this review as a summation of the series, rather than boring you all with three different book review posts!

The MadAddam trilogy by Canadian author, Margaret Atwood, is over 10 years in the making and contains content ripped straight from modern headlines. As in her other dystopian novels like The Handmaid's Tale, Atwood weaves a cautionary story of a post-apocalyptic world that is eerily plausible.

In the near future, monopolistic corporations have taken over everything. Bio-engineered creatures like glow-in-the-dark rabbits and chickens grown without limbs or brains are the norm. The world is overpopulated, over-polluted and humanity is split between the seething, struggling masses in the "pleebs" and the gated, pristine communities of the "compounds". It is from the latter that super genius Crake is born and his mission to correct humanity's faults will change everything.

How the world ended and why Jimmy survived is the basis of the first book, Oryx and Crake. As a protagonist, Jimmy is more of an anti-hero in my opinion. Jimmy is lazy, needy and a womanizer and his mission in life seems to be to get drunk and laid as much as possible. All these characteristics makes hims a dubious guardian to the "Crakers," a new species of human genetically engineered by his BFF Crake to inherit the Earth. Alone, starving, and struggling to act as prophet to the newly born Crakers, Jimmy's present is a slow descent into insanity from dealing with the pressures of surviving the death of every person on Earth.

Yet Jimmy is not as alone as he believes. There are other survivors and their story is picked up in the second and third books. In The Year of the Flood and MadAddam, we're introduced to Ren, Amanda, Toby and Zeb, who are all part of a group of quasi-religious environmentalists called God's Gardeners. Incidentally, two of these characters are also ex-girlfriends of Jimmy's and it is this part of the book that I find most annoying, as it seems highly implausible that so many of the survivors of Earth could be his ex-lovers. Sure, a guy can get around, but that much?

In the rest of the series, the story depicts how each of these new characters has survived thus far. Year of the Flood is my least favourite of the series as it tells the story of the God's Gardeners. Not only is the story of the God's Gardeners kinda boring, but each chapter is separated by a series of hymns supposedly sung by the Gardeners. All the hymns just interrupt the flow of the story and seem a bit self-indulgent to me. Apparently there's even a CD with all the hymns put to music! Why anyone would want that is beyond me.

Things pick up though in the last book where the story ditches the Gardeners and turns to the more interesting circumstances of present day. It is in MadAddam that we're introduced to Zeb, brother of Adam, the founder of the God's Gardeners. Zeb is the perfect kind of bad-ass, giving no F's kind of character that you love to root for and his story of becoming the leader of MadAddam, the activist offshoot of God's Gardeners is quite satisfying to read. Also in MadAddam, the readers learn more about the Crakers and the pigoons, a highly intelligent race of bio-engineered pigs. All this, plus a war with two murderously insane ex-cons and you've got a great way to conclude a series.

Overall, if you're a fan of Atwood and sci-fi, then this series will be really entertaining for you. I found these books to be faster paced than other Atwood novels and less abstract in that you actually get some answers on how some things came to be. Be warned though: upon reading this series, you may just find yourself signing online petitions against GMO foods and stocking up on organic survival gear.

See more of my recommended reads on GoodReads.

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Warby Parker Spring 14' collection

If you're visually challenged like myself, stylish glasses are a must. Finding the perfect pair to match your every outfit and mood though, can be a very daunting task.

Lucky for us, glasses in recent years have become way more fashionable than they used to be and there are tons of styles out there to suit anyone. One of my favourite eye-wear brands is Warby Parker. Although I have to admit that I've yet to purchase a pair myself (as I only purchase glasses every few years), they are definitely on my radar and worth being on yours too. Warby Parker continually comes out with new eyeglasses and sunglasses and their look is definitely one that aligns with my personal style: a little hipster, very urban-chic and definitely simple. What's also great about this company, is that for every pair sold, another is donated through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program with VisionSpring.

So enough chit-chat - what about the pretty glasses?! I recently got a chance to peek at the new Spring 14' collection from WP and I thought rather than just show you the frames, why not show you how versatile these styles can be?

Here are how I might style my three favourite frames from the Spring 14' collection, which you can view in full online.

Just J styles the Warby Parker Spring 2014 collection
Dress: J. Crew | Earrings and ring, t+j Designs

Just J styles the Warby Parker Spring 2014 collection
Sweater and dress: TopShop |  Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Just J styles the Warby Parker Spring 2014 collection
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti | Clutch: Glint

Which look is your favourite?

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Buy or Ditch: Epicare facial hair remover review

Review of Epicare facial hair remover wand on Just J

Do you have annoying facial hair that you would love to be rid of, but don't want the pain of waxing or plucking, or the hassle of laser and threading appointments? Then maybe the Epicare facial hair remover is the perfect at home solution for you.

The Product
Inspired by threading, Epicare provides an affordable at home solution for getting rid of pesky cheek and upper lip facial hair. Designed to be reusable and travel-friendly, Epicare was originally sold in India after being developed by Dr. Hamid Makhmalchi and his wife, Deepthi. The product was so successful there, that it quickly spread to over 12 countries around the world.

Price & Packaging
At $15 via Nail Polish Canada, the Epicare is much more affordable than other hair removal products. It consists of basically a long piece of coiled metal with plastic coated ends. There's various colors of Epicares available, which I suppose is their attempt at making it "pretty."

To use, simply bend the Epicare into an upside-down "U" shape and then lightly touch it to your face, twirling the ends and moving it slowly up and down your skin.

I was very surprised with how easy to use and quick the Epicare was. This was SO much faster than plucking! I used the Epicare to get rid of my pesky upper lip hairs and in a couple minutes, I was able to clear most of it away.

If you've had threading done before, the sensation is similar. It was a bit painful the first couple times I tried Epicare, as I found out later that I may have been pressing it too hard into my skin and it was getting pinched by the coils. You want to just place it gently against your skin and that's it.

The only thing I didn't like about this product was that it doesn't do a good job at precise application. It's great for clear-cutting away your hairs, but you'll still need tweezers to get those last few bits stuck in the corners and grooves of your face. Nevertheless, I definitely plan on using Epicare again.

The Verdict

Epicare is available for purchase in Canada via Nail Polish Canada and in the US via the Epicare website.

*This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own.

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Happenings lately: new hairdo, Canadian Beauty Bloggers, stocking up for spring

It's been a little while since I did a life post. There's been lots of new things happening lately! Here's a brief recap:

I'm trying to get my act together and start decorating the house and clearing out old things. First step: searching for wall decor for our main hallway and living room. I've always wanted to create a photo frame collage, but never felt confident about how to go about creating an interesting wall collage. Thank goodness places like ModCloth are there to the rescue! I'm already a huge fan of ModCloth's uber cute clothes and when I discovered their home section, it was like a little voice was speaking to me from my browser: buy me. So I did and I found this adorable collage frame that I can't wait to receive in the mail soon!

Just J: ModCloth round collage photo frame
Round Here photo frame, $39.99

I really love how all the picture frames are the same size, making it easier for me to just print out photos without worrying about proper dimensions. Now I just have to figure out a theme for the photos! Would it be incredibly narcissistic of me to use my past travel photos? I feel like I should include Mr. Artist, but we don't have tons of photos together!

Besides online shopping, I finally took the plunge for bangs! Thank you to everyone for chiming in on which bangs I should get. I ended up using the Emma Stone pic and this is how it turned out:

I LOVE these bangs!! I had bangs about 4 years ago, but hated them, but these ones I love so far. They're a little choppy and I like how the layers on the bottom of my hair add a little swingy touch. In any case, it feels so freeing to get rid of all that excess length that felt like dead weight on me before. Change is good.

Finally, I am very excited to announce a huge new development for my blog! I've recently joined a new Canadian beauty blogger group called, well, Canadian Beauty Bloggers (CBB). Yeah.. not so creative a name, but man are the ladies in it amazing! I am blown away by how organized, and straight-up hustling these ladies are. Love the hustle. Together, the group will be working to help each other grow as bloggers, as friends and hopefully grow the Canadian blogger community in general. I highly recommend checking out all of these ladies blogs via our CBB website. Also, any blogger can join in the online conversation by using the hashtag #bbloggersCA on Twitter and Instagram!

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