Buy or Ditch: Lise Watier Age Control Supreme Ultimate Body Butter review

Lise Water Age Control Supreme body butter

I received this product as part of the winter collection package Lise Watier sent to me. Having never used any of their body products before, I was very intrigued and especially so at the mention of the words "body butter." Ever since my teenage Body Shop years, I've been a big fan of body butters and was eager to see how this one measured up.

The Product
The Lise Watier Age Control Supreme Ultimate Body Butter is specially designed to combat winter skin.  It claims to offer 48 hours moisture and long-term prevention of dehydration. This product is part of the new Lise Watier Labrador Tea line.  Traditionally, Labrador tea was consumed as a medicinal drink for colds and applied directly to soothe burns and inflammation. It is these latter properties that Lise Watier hopes to isolate for its anti-aging potential.

The Guts
The top ingredients in this product are:

  • Shea butter - derived from natural nut oils, anything containing Shea butter is sure to have a thick, rich texture and be super moisturizing. I love that Shea is the first ingredient in this lotion!
  • Glycerin - your run-of-the-mill moisturizer. This is a great workhorse that appears in most moisturizers.
  • Cetyl alcohol - derived from either coconut or palm oil, this ingredient provides lubrication and softens skin.
  • Dicapryl carbonate - another lubricant that gives skin a soft, velvety feel
Besides these ingredients, this moisturizer also contains Argan oil (moisturizing), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) and of course Labrador tea. 

Price & Packaging
Age Control Supreme comes in a quite large 200 mL jar and retails for $70. Like most body butters, the packaging is a simple screw-top jar.


Just J: should you buy or ditch the Lise Watier age control supreme ultimate body butter?
Photo via Beauty Reflections

Unfortunately, I used up this product before I could take a decent photo, but at least you can see the above photo courtesy of Beauty Reflections! As you can see, the texture is deliciously thick and creamy, more like thick thick Greek yogurt, than actual butter.

Another reason why I didn't get my own photo for this review was because I just LOVE slathering this lotion on all over. It's so rich and creamy! And it absorbs decently fast, although you will still get that tacky feeling, which I actually love at night after a long day. Finally, there's a light floral scent off this lotion, which thankfully isn't overpowering or unpleasant.

My biggest pet peeve with this lotion is that I want MORE of it and that I wish it was more spreadable so that it lasted longer. Of course, I've never had a super spreadable body butter ever, so I don't see that as Lise Watier's fault. Also, I may be overly generous with my application as other bloggers have noted that it lasted them a couple months, but it only lasted me one.

This lotion left my skin feeling soft and velvety. It's the perfect winter moisturizer. After the first week, I actually switched to only applying it every other day and didn't notice any difference in the moisture of my skin. The only thing making me hesitate with purchasing this product is the price. $70 is a lot if I have to buy every month and I'd rather reserve that money for my face.

The Verdict

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