March beauty and makeup favourites

I've never done a monthly favourites post before, but lately I seem to have more products to review than I have time to write them! Since this isn't a 100% beauty blog, I don't want to write just reviews all the time, so I'm trying out this format as a compromise. Let me know what you think and whether you think it should also include duds!

Just J: my favourite skincare and makeup products for March

1. Lise Watier Jardin de Givre illuminating powder - lately I've been all about the natural look. Soft, pink lips, minimal eye makeup or softly smokey eyes and glowing, flushed skin is my go-to. I've featured this powder before and I want to write a full-fledge review on this later as well because it is just. that. good. This powder gives you just a hint of shimmer that is perfect for everyday.

2. Almay Clear Complexion concealer and treatment gel - this is also one of my empties this month. I rarely get blemishes, but when I do, this is my daytime blemish treatment. One end contains a salicylic acid treatment that is slightly green to reduce redness. The other end is a concealer that also contains blemish fighting ingredients. Slim and easy for on the go touchups, this gel took me FOREVER to use up and effectively clears minor zits.

3. L'Occitane Immortelle Divine cream - I've been using this facial cream for the past few months. As pricey as it is at $144/jar, I absolutely love it. Smells great and has a luxurious, creamy texture that feels amazing overnight. I always wake up to soft, smooth skin with this one.

4. Nivea Aqua Effect Gentle toner - another old standby, this alcohol-free toner contains almond oil to moisturize your skin while also cleansing it of dirt and residue.

What are your thoughts on any of these products? What are your favourite products right now?

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