Marisol umbrellas: sheltering women from rain, and war

Just J: Marisol umbrellas shelter women from rain, and war

Marisol umbrellas are not just your typical stylish umbrella. Made by hand by artisans in Brooklyn, each Marisol umbrella highlights a different African print and contains a tough steel frame made to withstand the worst of winter's wind. As well, 20% of every umbrella purchase is donated to The City of Joy, a non-profit women's center in Bukavu in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Here, women can receive treatment and support with dealing with the violence of war, domestic abuse and other trauma. Having such a refuge is critical for women in the DRC, where sexual violence against women is sadly much too often.

I have to admit, that just because a company has a valuable mission, doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to buy it if the quality isn't there, or the product isn't stylish. Luckily, Marisol pulls through on that end as well. Each umbrella can be customized with your own choice of handle and matching pattern. Online, the choices are separated by handle and there are tons of gorgeous options available. While the umbrellas are all quite gorgeous, they are also a tad more than I'd normally spend on an umbrella at $395 and up! Despite the price though, I do think Marisol is worth checking out. In a rainy climate like Vancouver, a designer umbrella that helps support women in need may be a worthier purchase than a trendy handbag!

Just J: Marisol umbrellas: sheltering women from rain, and war

** Update Mar 12: I made an error in stating that you could not view close-ups of the umbrellas online. The post has been corrected to reflect that.

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