Off to the land of Harry Potter!

Tomorrow I'll be flying off to merry old England for a week for work where I'll be visiting the home of Hogwart's. No really, I'll be stopping by Oxford where some of the scenes of Hogwart's were filmed. This will be my first out of country work trip, so I'm kinda excited, but also nervous! It's always a little nerve-wracking meeting clients for the first time. I hate the pressure of having to be charming all the time and I'm pretty sure I'm not. Also, the accents! I'm horrible at deciphering accents, so there are bound to be lots of "what's that?"in my future.

Despite this though, I'm quite looking forward to experiencing a new country. I'll be taking an extra weekend off as well for a quick stopover in London. My priorities are to:

  1. Have proper English tea service
  2. Buy lots of candy 
  3. Buy lots of duty free makeup and beauty products

Oh and I suppose I should visit a museum or two.

If anyone has any London or England tips please send them my way! I've also got a couple posts scheduled for you all next week, so it won't feel too empty here, but I may be slow in replying to comments.

See you all when I return!

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