Pinspirations: Dreaming of spring

Aquamarine ring, Etsy |  Makeup, Pat McGrath |  Skirt, Tumblr |  Clutch, Pinterest |  Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Cadence flat, Nordstrom

Everything old comes back again. A couple years ago, I was very much in love with blush pinks and soft neutrals. Now that old flame is back and I can't get enough of draping and fluttering fabrics in cool breezy tones. The delicate falling of a strand of hair. The feel of strong leather between my fingers. Romantic and effortless seems to be my mantra lately. Style must have a quiet, unassuming elegance. I think I've grown tired of the rushing pace of life and the demand for everyone to stand out. There's a kind of harmony in blending in isn't there? At least a pop of chartreuse will keep things interesting.

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