Canadian Beauty Blogger Mask Off Challenge: Montagne Jeunesse Apricot Scrub review

Just J: Montagne Jeunesse Apricot Scrub review

It`s week 4 of the CBB Montagne Jeunesse mask off challenge and this week the girls of the CBB are reviewing the Apricot Scrub mask from drugstore beauty brand, Montagne Jeunesse. If you`re just joining along with this series, each week we all try the same mask and compare reviews so that you can see how each one reacts to our different skin types. Follow along with our reviews on Twitter and Instagram via #CBBMJMaskOff and read my past reviews. 

You may purchase any of the MJ masks at Walmart, online or at drugstores like Select Pharmasave.

The Product
Looking for a deep-down clean feeling? Then this apricot and mango facial scrub/mask is for you. Scrub away dead skin cells first with this mask's apricot kernels, then let it rest on your skin while mango deep cleanses and aloe vera soothes and calms. This mask has some pretty big promises to live up to as it's essentially two products in one!

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this product are:

  • Water
  • Kaolin clay - a natural deep cleaning ingredient that sucks out excess oil and dirt from pores
  • Walnut shell powder - a natural exfoliator, however walnut is also said to leave micro-tears in your skin, which can eventually lead to damaged skin or wrinkles
  • Glycerin - common moisturizer
Other interesting ingredients in this mask include evening primrose (moisturizer), green tea (antioxidant), apricot (antioxidant) and mango (fights blemishes).

Aroma and Texture
The thing I dislike the most about this mask is its scent. Personally, I found it absolutely HORRIBLE. This mask is supposed to smell fresh and tropical, but instead it was overly sweet and overpowering. That might be just my own sensitivity to fragrances though as I have heard other reviewers say it is fresh and invigorating.

Texture-wise this mask fared better. Since it contains such a large exfoliator, this scrub felt very grainy and rough, so I had be very gentle when scrubbing. Besides the graininess, this mask felt creamy and quite similar to the Nut Oil mask.

Just J: Montagne Jeunesse Apricot Scrub review

After some tentative scrubbing, I left this mask on for 10 minutes while in the shower. I found it rinsed off quickly and easily without residue. It did leave my face feeling very clean, but a tad tight and I didn't notice any brightening or tightening of pores.

Final Verdict

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Update May 1, 2014: The notes on aroma were updated to reflect that my opinion on the scent are my own and do not necessarily reflect the experiences of others.

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