Canadian Beauty Blogger Montagne Jeunesse Mask Off Challenge: Manuka Honey Peel-off

Just J: Canadian Beauty Bloggers review the Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey peel-off masque

For 5 weeks, I and my fellow CBB members will be reviewing 5 different masks from the Montagne Jeunesse face mask line. Montagne Jeunesse is a maker of natural, eco-friendly skincare products out of the UK. Each mask comes in an individual paper packet and retails for around $2. You can find their products at Walmart and Loblaws in Canada and in various UK drug stores.

For week 1 of the challenge, we reviewed the deep cleaning, self-heating chocolate mask. To be honest, I wasn't impressed as I didn't see any noticeable effect and I actually broke out after! I rarely get any zits of any kind, so I'm positive it was due to the mask; thus I was a little nervous for this week's mask, the Manuka Honey peel-off

The Product
The Manuka Honey peel-off mask is a deep-cleansing, antibacterial mask designed to remove dirt, oil and pore clogging impurities that cause blemishes - perfect timimg for me! It is designed for oily and combination skin.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this mask are:
  • Purified water
  • Polyvinyl alcohol - a binder that provides texture
  • PVP - another common binding agent. This is derived from petroleum, so if you're trying to avoid those, be forewarned. Although there are ample warning online against this ingredient, it only seems harmful if inhaled, which I doubt you're going to do here
  • Parfum - fragrance
It's a little concerning that the "star" ingredients here (honey, caramel, aloe vera juice, chamomile, vanilla and jasmine) don't come until mid-way in the list, but I guess that's not unreasonable since this is a self-peeling mask and the first ingredients are used to create that peeling ability.

Texture & Aroma
If you had told me this was made from pure honey, I would believe you. Not only is this mask honey colored, but it smells a lot like, and feels just like, honey! There is also a strong jasmine scent to this mask that I disliked. I would have preferred the more natural scent of honey, but the jasmine here was overpowering and kinda artificial to me.

Since the mask is so sticky, you have limited time to apply it to your face before it begins hardening. I would recommend squeezing all of the mask onto your hand, rubbing your hands together and quickly smearing it all over your face. However, this approach has its complications as well.

To use, you're supposed to leave this mask on for 15-20 minutes, then peel off to reveal your renewed, radiant skin. Unlike, the self-heating mask, I felt this one was far more sensory inducing. There was a slight cooling sensation that was quite pleasant and you can literally feel this mask tightening onto your skin like shrink wrap. Do not try to move or give any expression while wearing this mask as it will get increasingly difficult as time wears on - this must be what it feels like to have extreme Botox!

Just J: review of the Montagne Jeunesse manuka honey peel-off mask
I can still move my face!!

When the time is up, simply peel off. Yeah right. There is nothing simple about taking off a peel-off mask and I was immediately reminded of why I'd never used one since I was a teen. This mask is a pain in the ASS to remove! I got a few good strips off my cheeks, but for my nose I basically had to scratch away to get anything and my forehead... oh god. My forehead was the worst to remove. It seemed that in my haste to get the mask on, I had managed to catch every single baby hair along my hairline and my eyebrows as well. Let's just say, I plucked my brows and deep cleansed my face at the same time that night. After another agonizing 20 minutes, I finally got it all off. Although annoying, I would say it wasn't the mask's fault for being so tricky; that's just the nature of peel-off masks. Next time, I think I would try to be more careful where I applied it and to go over my face with a thicker layer so it's easier to pull off.

The end result though made all the work worth it. This mask left my face feeling super soft and clean. It cleared up my zits right away and my skin was left smooth and even. My face even smelled like honey! This mask was waaay better than the chocolate. If I could make one change to this mask at all, I would recommend that it be tinted darker so you can tell how much is left on your face. Since the mask and my skin are similar shades, I could only tell where it was on my face through touch.

Final verdict

Next week, the CBB will be reviewing the MJ "oil" mask line!

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