EcoTools Skin Perfecting brush review

Just J: EcoTools Skin Perfecting brush review

As I've started doing more beauty reviews on my blog, I've decided to cut out the "Buy or Ditch" title and from now on beauty/makeup reviews will just be titled as reviews. I think it's pretty obvious whether I will be telling you if this is worth buying or ditching! I haven't done a makeup tool review in forever, so it was kinda tricky for me to figure out the categories. Please bear with me!

The Product
The EcoTools Skin Perfecting brush is specially designed to help you apply BB/CC creams effectively and hygienically. I'm not sure what makes this brush specifically designed for BB/CC creams, but I can see that it is designed for your face. This brush features a wide face and tightly packed synthetic bristles. The top comes to a tapered point to get into those nooks and crannies by your nose and is also slanted to better accommodate the curves of your face.

Price & Packaging
$9.99 which is very economical! You can purchase EcoTools in most drugstores such as CVS, Pharmasave, Target and even Whole Foods!

Considering this brush was so cheap and it has synthetic bristles, I wasn't expecting much. I was greatly surprised then at how soft and plush this brush was! This brush felt like silk on my face and while not at the level of  "rabbit tail" thickness, the density was still quite nice.

Just J: EcoTools Skin Perfecting brush review

Just J: EcoTools Skin Perfecting brush review

Perhaps though a little thicker density of bristles would actually be good for this brush as it soaks up product like a mofo. Normally I use my fingers to apply my BB and it takes me 3-4 pumps to cover my face; however, with this brush it probably took me at least 5-7 pumps! I really like to slather my BBs on as they contain SPF, so you need to make sure you get a thick enough layer on to take protect yourself. I felt this brush thinned it out so much that it took me twice as long to apply. I would not recommend this brush for BB creams or anything containing SPF for that reason.

I would however, highly recommend this for liquid foundation. As I was skeptical about the whole "BB/CC specialty", I decided to try this with my Lancome Teint Visionnaire foundation. This brush was sooo lovely to apply foundation with. It still soaked up a ton of product, but it also distributed it more evenly and thinly so that I was able to apply it much faster and with more even coverage. I love this brush so much that it has replaced my usual Bobbi Brown foundation brush. I'm now an EcoTools convert!

You can purchase this brush online or in your local drugstore.

Final Verdict

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