Getting ready for summer with Vancouver's Native Shoes

Winter has been hellishly long this year and I think it's safe to say that everyone and their grandma is ready to chuck off the jackets, sweaters and boots and get down with some summer clothes. Whenever warmer weather rolls around, the top three things I cannot wait to wear everyday are: no-socks-required footwear, skirts and dresses.

There's just something so freeing and relaxed about going sans-socks. Every year I seek out a new pair of shoes to herald the summer months and this year one of the options I'm pondering is a pair of Native Shoes. These slip on shoes may look like a chicer version of Crocs and both are made out of a rubbery material, but trust me on the fact that this is where the similarities end.

Native Shoes are hot, local (what up Vancity?) and tons of other amazing things: they're light, washable, odor-resistant, shock absorbent, anti-bacterial, waterproof and come in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

I got my hands on a pair from the new SS14 collection and tried out a couple different ways to style these slip-ons to see how they might fit into my summer wardrobe:

Just J: Getting ready for summer with Vancouver's Native Shoes
Tank, scarf: Old navy | Pants: TopShop | Bracelet: Olive+Piper | Purse: Aldo Accessories

It's all about the accessories when it comes to summer dressing. I like to keep things simple and functional with a versatile scarf and a trendy purse.

Just J: Getting ready for summer with Vancouver's Native Shoes
Sweatpants: Oak+Fort | Denim shirt: Forever 21 | Tank: TopShop | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters | Bracelet: UraniumMTL

You can also never go wrong by dressing like one of the boys in a casual tank and sweatpants. Keep it chic though with your accessories and look for tapered sweats like these fabulously comfy ones from Oak+Fort!

You can shop for Native Shoes around Vancouver at Below the Belt, J2, El Kartel and others, as well as online.

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