Happenings lately: Spring sakura, potlucks and Barkbox

Slowly but surely, summer is coming and with it my favourite time of year! I think I'm meant to live in a sunnier clime as sunny days just perk up my mood and I absolutely love every single flower I come across. 


This is my street. Frickin amazing right?! This was definitely one of the major selling points for me on choosing our place as sakura are one of my favourite flowers. When these blossoms started to fall, it was like being caught in a pink snowstorm. A pain in the ass to clean up, but I was too enchanted with being in my little version of Japan to care!

Besides dancing in pink blossoms, I've also spent time trying out some new recipes thanks to this season's first potluck! For some reason, I thought it would be clever to make risotto. For the first time.

I was pretty nervous tackling this notoriously tricky dish, but was really pleased with the result! This chicken, peas and red pepper risotto was actually not that hard to make. All you need is patience and to give it your TLC. The result was super flavourful, although I'm not sure I'd make it for potluck again as it starts to get gummy if you don't eat it right away.


As well, while I was doing this, I decided to make this bacon, egg and asparagus salad on the side! With a mustard vinegarette, this salad was so refreshing. I subbed in turkey bacon instead of regular to make it healthier and seriously, you can't taste the difference.


With the coming of summer, also comes night market. Last weekend was the opening weekend and Mr. Artist and I decided to do a date night of it (or rather our version of date night, which is us just going somewhere outside). There's always lots to see and eat at night market. The smells and people watching alone make it worth it. My perennial favourites include takoyaki, skewered grilled meats, faux shark fin soup and Chinese shaved ice desserts. I always wish I had a bigger stomach so I could eat more!

2014-05-17 21.38.26

Lately I've been getting a lot of packages in the mail, but last week for once the mail wasn't for me, but for Ecko! It was our first installment of Barkbox, a monthly subscription box for dogs! I find it highly amusing how I won't bother spending money on a subscription box for myself, but I'll get one for my dog.

Ecko LOVED his box and was clamouring to get into it even as I cut it open. Inside the box were 2 toys, BBQ chicken jerky (smelled delicious!) and apple cobbler biscuits. Pretty fancy huh?!


And my last piece of news? I WON THE LACOSTE STYLE CHALLENGE!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me, I really appreciate it!

That's all that is happening with me lately - what's happening with you?

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