Skindanavia Makeup Primer Spray Review

I have terrible luck with primers. Instead of mattifying and setting my makeup, they always seem to do the opposite, so I was pretty skeptical when I was sent the Skindanavia Makeup Primer Spray. Would this spray-on primer finally break my bad luck streak?

The Product
The Skindanavia Makeup Primer Spray is a silicone-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free primer that provides a lightweight feel with lasting all day coverage. Designed to give your skin a flawless finish, this spray helps minimize pores, reduce redness and prevent shine.

Price & Packaging
There are two sizes available for purchase online: the 4 oz for $35 and the 8 oz for $49. Skindanavia's website states that the 4 oz will last you around 90 days of typical use, while the 8 oz will last around 180.

To use, just shake the bottle well and then spray lightly across your face in a T or X shape. I prefered using more of a triangle shape as I found that the spray comes out in a fine squirt rather than a more aerosol-type spray, which would help provide more even coverage.

The warm summer weather made this the perfect time to test out this primer. My summer face doesn't differ much from my winter one as the weather in Vancouver isn't as extreme as in other climates. Generally, I wear moisturizer, sunscreen, liquid foundation or a BB cream on areas needing coverage, and then pressed powder over top. To use, I sprayed the primer on after my sunscreen and gave it a minute to set as I brushed my hair.

This primer has a light, fresh scent and dries a bit tacky, but nothing too serious. I tried this primer out using it with just pressed powder foundation and with a combination of liquid and powder.

With liquid foundation, this primer works like a breeze. It helped ensure my foundation application was smooth and helped extend the coverage all day. With the addition of setting powder, this primer even helped my shininess somewhat, even after 8 hours!

With powder foundation however, this primer was a hot mess. I guess it's not formulated for use with powder foundations, but since it doesn't state that anywhere, I don't think it's unfair to expect it to work. Well, with powder, this primer just made my foundation melt all over my face. Within hours, you could see the powder kinda clumping together on my face in oily patches - just gross!

Other than that though, I found this primer to work really well for me. The last thing you want in the summer is to feel like you're wearing a mask on your face, but this one felt like I was wearing nothing! My only other complaint with this primer is that I wish it didn't require you to shake it as I always forget to shake the bottle before using. Hopefully that doesn't make much of a difference!

Final Verdict
Buy - Good value for money, a lightweight feel and decent effectiveness.

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Nail HQ All in One Nail Treatment Review

Just J: Nail HQ All in One Nail Treatment Review

Nails are a part of my body that I tend to neglect. I'm religious about moisturizing my skin, but my nails and cuticles tend to get forgotten. Since I've been hanging around more nail bloggers though, I've realized my nails are kinda horrendous so it's time to get my act together. Whether you just have dry, neglected hands like me, or you're a nail polish addict who switches colors everyday, the Nail HQ All In One nail treatment is designed to help you get perfect, healthy looking nails.

The Product
I'd never heard of this brand before, but Nail HQ seems to be a UK brand specializing in nail treatments. The All In One Multi Solution Nail Treatment is designed to repair and replenish dry, brittle nails while also giving them a subtle shine. This polish can be worn alone for a subtle, healthy glow, or used as a nourishing base coat. It is available at drugstores like Select Pharmasave, Select Pharmaprix and Select IDA.

The Guts
I couldn't find a full ingredient list, but I did find that this polish contains lots of moisturizing ingredients, such as argan oil, hydrolyzed collagen and keratin.

Price & Packaging
For a 10 mL bottle, this will set you back $11.99. Not exactly the cheapest thing on the market, but since this is helping your nails instead of just coloring them, I suppose that's okay.

This product is supposed to give you strong, healthy looking nails. It's pretty hard to tell the difference on nails compared to trying out skin products. My nails felt like, well, my nails! The polish does give a nice sheen to them and dried very quickly. It lasted a few days before chipping off. I think only time will tell whether it will make a long term difference, which is why I've delayed so long with this review. To be honest, I didn't notice if my nails were getting any better or worse. I have noticed a slight decrease in the number of hang-nails I've been getting, but is that really due to this treatment?

Final Verdict
Buy - even though I haven't noticed a huge difference, I think this product is definitely better than using a base coat that has no benefits to it at all.

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London Drugs Summer Beauty Preview | #LDBeauty

It's that time of year again! For the last few weeks I've been so pumped with anticipation for the annual London Drugs Beauty Preview event. It's an annual event where London Drugs invites media and bloggers to a showcase of all the new cosmetics and beauty releases before they hit stores. This is seriously the event of the year for me.

Besides being one of the largest events of its kind in Vancouver, the #LDBeauty event also takes place in a huge aircraft hangar PLUS all attendees get complimentary transportation to and from the event PLUS our ride to the event is in a HELICOPTER!! Plus not to mention it's a ton of fun catching up with all the people you know and ogling all the new goodies that everyone will be raving about next season.

My strategy for this event is to do some arm curls and wear comfortable shoes because the goody bag is fricken huge. It's basically like Christmas in June for us bloggers as we walk to each brand's booth and listen to their presentations, take photos and receive samples of the new products. There's a ton of things as always to get through, so let's get started shall we?

Just J: London Drugs Summer Beauty Preview | #LDBeauty

Anti-aging was the name of the game with both Strivectin and Garnier releasing products containing retinol. I imagine that Strivectin is more for maturer skin whereas Garnier is probably suited for 20-30 year olds who just want a little aging prevention.

Garnier also showcased a very silky feeling primer and a new rollerball eye treatment/concealer that helps de-puff and brighten eyes.

Lastly, Annabelle showcased three ingenious versions of their makeup remover pads. The new versions target different needs: one to de-puff eyes and provide lash conditioning; one that is gentle and oil-free; and another that targets hard to remove long-wear and waterproof makeup.

Just J: London Drugs Summer Beauty Preview | #LDBeauty

NYX had some fabulous highlighters and this really awesome sounding mattifying powder that soaks up oil - perfect for mid-day touch-ups! NYX also showed off some cool multitasking powders that could be used as a blush, lip color or a crazy bright eye shadow for dramatic evening looks.

For those who prefer more natural skincare, Mineral Fusion showed off their new blush and bronzers, available as separate solo compacts or as a duo palette. 

Just J: London Drugs Summer Beauty Preview | #LDBeauty

Shadow pencils are this year's lip crayon as several brands such as Lise Watier and Cargo both showed off bright, color shadow pencils. Cargo also previewed the upcoming shadow palettes for the Fall/Winter season. I'm in love with the colors for the Holiday 2014 palette, while the packaging design for the Fall 2014 "Shanghai Nights" looks so unique! 

NYX and Mineral Fusion also showed off their summer eye shadow releases, with both releasing palettes heavy on oceanic blues. NYX also contributed some glitter to the party with their very sparkly baked shadows (the gold is fantastic!).


There were tons of new releases for lip colors this season. NYX released some new colors for their popular Butter gloss line and also a new line of colors for the Butter lipsticks. Mineral Fusion put out a new line of lip crayons containing lip-firming peptides while Revlon blew it out of the park with their beautiful ColorStay Moisture Stains. Pinks, bold reds and mauvey nudes seem really popular this season, while oranges kinda disappeared this year. In fact, neither of the new Lise Watier Feline Velvet Lip Lacquers or the new colors from Rimmel London contained any orange shades!


Representing things on the nail front was the new neon collection from Essie and of course perennial attendees Red Carpet Nails with new colors and kits for their at-home gel manicure sets. There were so many gorgeous glitters at the Red Carpet table - I just wanted them all!


Hair and tools
In recent years, the hair related products at the LD event ranged from flat irons, to curlers, hair dryers and creams and this year contained a similar range of items. Some highlights that interested me were things like the Full Blow Dry cream from Got2b; this cool circular bottle contains a prepping cream that protects your hair from heat damage and gives you volume.

Goody was a new attendee at the event and they showcased their full line of hair tools like the Goody Bun Foundation and the Simple Styles Bun Spiral. One thing to note though is that you really should research which products fit your hair as I learned from talking to the Goody reps that things like the Bun Spiral don't really work for fine, slippery hair like mine. Boourns - people like me are the ones that need the most help!

Another new attendee was Tweezerman. Known for their excellent tweezers, the brand has now expanded into a full line of makeup brushes. The collection includes brushes for powder, blush, contouring, foundation, eyeliner and eye shadow.


Finally, last but not least, was my biggest surprise of the night - the C.A.K.E and Eliot Danori jewelry lines! I had no idea that London Drugs sold jewelry and such pretty jewelry at that! From delicate teardrop earrings, to bold statement necklaces and everything in-between, these lines were stylish, affordable and unique. I'll be sure to drop by and check them out for my next fancy event!

Thanks for getting through this very long post and a huge thanks to Cynnamon and the team at Hartley PR for inviting me once again. I had a blast at the event and I hope all of you readers had fun reading about all the goodies coming to you! 

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Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine vs. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

Just J: Marcelle Big Show Lip Shine vs. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

Do you ever purchase something and then later think "wait a minute - I already HAVE this!" This happens to me all the time, which is why I have multiple grey cardigans, TOM's shoes and a trillion different lipsticks. Seriously, I probably have a 2 year backlog of lip products outside of the box of current lippies that I wear, which is why when I received the Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine in Dare last month, I felt deja vu. Some pawing away at my lip box revealed, yep, I have a dupe.

Here I was thinking I was being daring and filling a niche in my lip collection with this beautiful (and award-winning) purple lip gloss from Annabelle, when it also happens I have a very similar color from Revlon's Super Lustrous in Berry Allure. So which is better?

The Product
The Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine recently won the 2014 Elle Canada award for best lip gloss under $20. It's a non-sticky lip gloss containing reflective glitter to max up the glam.

The Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss (previously reviewed here) is a silky, non-sticky hydrating lip gloss. It is beautifully pigmented and long-wearing.

Price & Packaging
The Annabelle is $9.95 while the Revlon is $5.99. Both are available at drugstores like London Drugs and both use your standard doe foot applicator with a twist-off cap. Both are also clear so you can see the color.


Just J: Marcelle Big Show Lip Shine vs. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
Left to right: Revlon Super Lustrous in Berry Allure, Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine in Dare

Color: As you can see, these two colors are very very similar, except that the Annabelle contains light reflecting particles, giving it a bit more of a party feel. Don't worry, even though the tube looks really sparkly, you can only see the glitter up close. I love layering this gloss over a matter lip color as it just pumps up the color and shine.

Pigmentation: Although both are better than most lip glosses in that the color payoff is pretty decent, the Revlon has the slight edge. The Revlon is quite pigmented and stains my lips a very pretty deep magenta whereas the Annabelle is much sheerer.

Just J: Marcelle Big Show Lip Shine vs. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
Annabelle Big Show in Dare

Just J: Marcelle Big Show Lip Shine vs. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
Revlon Super Lustrous in Berry Allure

Texture: Both of these glosses are non-sticky which is awesome! Lips feel moist and slick and dry down to leave your lips soft instead of dried out thanks to hydrating ingredients. The Annabelle gloss gets extra points for also containing antioxidants for a little anti-aging boost.

Wear: The wear time on both these glosses is pretty decent at a few hours. I've worn both through meals and actually still had a slight stain leftover. The Revlon though wins this one as it leaves more of a stain on my lips.

Final Verdict
Revlon Super Lustrous - for just wearing solo, I prefer this one as it is cheaper, has greater color payoff and lasts longer. I'd still highly recommend the Annabelle Big Show though as it was a very very close second.

Have you tried either of these glosses? What did you think?

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Guest post: Carly of Beauty and the Blog on Helping Your Eye Make Up Survive Summer

Hi Beauties! I’m Carly from Beauty & the Blog. I was fortunate enough to be picked as Canadian Beauty Blogger’s Blog of the Month for June, which is why I’m over here visiting the lovely J! This month is all about helping your make up survive the heat, so I stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up a few things to help my eye make up last.

We’ve all been there, you spent the morning perfecting your eyes only to realize a few hours later you look like you’re melting faster than a snowman in July. There are a few tricks you can use to make sure you don’t look like you just stepped off a sweaty streetcar.

If you want to ensure that your make up lasts throughout the day, it’s a good idea to start with an eye shadow primer. Your shadow is more likely to crease when the weather starts getting warmer, so it’s an important step to incorporate into your routine. Smashbox 24 Hour PhotoFinish Shadow Primer, $23, comes out a light pink-ish colour but applies clear on your lids making it compatible with all skin tones! The long-lasting formula glues the shadow to your lids to keep you from looking like a hot mess. You won’t need a lot, apply a thin layer to your entire eyelid from the lash line all the way up to your brow creating a smooth canvas.

Since the liner is going to be the star of this show, choose a subtle shadow colour like NYC HD Color TrioEye Shadow in Long Beach, $5. It easily maps out where you should place the shadow with an indicator to show which shade to use as a highlighter, for your crease, and for all over your lid. Apply a sheer wash to your lids and be sure to blend well at the crease.

One of my biggest problems in the summer is trying to keep my liner from smudging, running or fading. Put down your pencils ladies, gel liner has a long lasting, flexible formula, and produces fade-free colour. Start off by applying a little bit of concealer under your eyes to make a barrier and help ensure your liner won’t budge. L’OrĂ©al Infallible Lacquerliner 24H in Blackest Black, $10, includes a smooth-gliding brush for an easy-peasy application. The formula has an intense colour pigment and is very easy to work with but once it dries it’s not going anywhere.

Waterproof formulas are your best bet once the temperature starts rising, so finish off your look with Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black, $5. Not only is this classic mascara affordable, but it doesn’t clump or glob up. It’s no wonder this stuff has been around forever, it defines your lashes and the smaller brush makes it easy to apply to your bottom lashes. Whether you’re tearing up at a wedding this summer or you just want to hit the beach, you’re free to have fluttery lashes no matter where you end up.

Thanks for having me J!

How do you keep your eye make up in place?  

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Hooked on the imPress press-on nails from Broadway Nails!

Just J: imPress press-on nail manicure from Broadway Nails

I'm all about efficiency when it comes to life. It helps me be lazy. Work smart, not hard. Take naps. Smell the roses. Use to-do lists. Nail polish is one of those areas of my life where the less work the better. I appreciate cool nail art, I really do - I just don't have the patience to do it on myself. Even slapping on 3 coats of pastel polish just to get that perfect opacity tries my patience. I know doing your nails is supposed to be a way for you to have "me time", but that's what facials are for IMO. Nail polish is for slapping on and oogling over the next few days while at your desk pretending to be working while actually pondering lunch.

That's why something like the imPress press-on manicure from Broadway Nails is made for me. It's a quick fix to nail art that indulges my impatience and my non-committal feelings towards nail colors.

These babies are a cinch to try. Each pack of imPress nails comes with a bunch of different sized nails and are offered in a wide variety of styles. I received two boxes of these nails: one in a bright fuschia shade and then the lace ones shown above. I loved the romantic yet sexy appeal of these lace nails. They would be perfect for a date night or just whenever you happen to feel very girly. Since wearing all-over lace might be a bit much, I only applied the nails to a couple fingers as an accent and then paired it with a matching Inglot polish (2 coats). To apply, simply peel off the clear adhesive and press firmly onto the nail for around 30 seconds.

Just J: imPress press-on nail manicure from Broadway Nails

I was so happy to find sizes that fit my tiny nail beds without too much fiddling. As you can see, the thumb is a bit of stretch and I had to clip them for length, but overall this was pretty low-maintenance. I've only been wearing them for a couple days and they seem to be holding up well, even after washing my hair. Other reviews have mentioned that they tend to fall off after 3-4 days. So would I try an imPress mani again? Definitely yes!

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My L'Occitane Perfume Collection: Citrus Verbena, Fleur d'Or & Acacia, Neroli & Orchidee, Frisson de Verveine

Just J: My L'Occitane Perfume Collection: Citrus Verbena, Fleur d'Or & Acacia, Neroli & Orchidee, Frisson de Verveine

When you think of fragrance brands, names like Chanel, Chloe, Givenchy and the like pop to mind, but if you go beyond the designer counter, you may find others that are cheaper and just as titillating to the senses. Case in point, L'Occitane's perfume line offers affordable, refreshing scents inspired by nature's bounty.

Over the past year I've amassed a mini collection of L'Occitane fragrances, so I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on each. I don't normally do perfume posts as, well, you really need smell-o-vision to do it justice, but I'll attempt to do that in words here.

L'Occitane makes both men and women's perfumes and many of their scents are actually unisex and layer-able. Scent is highly personal, so what works on my skin may not work for you. Also, what suits my personal tastes may differ from yours, so keep that in mind with this review. My typical scent profile leans more towards fresh, light florals, ocean scents or anything citrus. The key though is fresh and light. I hate scents that wear too heavily or are anything remotely "oriental".

My collection in order of preference:

Neroli & Orchidee
  • orange blossom
  • mandarin
  • Neroli
  • white orchid
  • peach
  • fig milk
  • musk
  • iris
Smells like: romantic, floral, fruity, girly

Although I've only been wearing this perfume for the past couple weeks, I am head over heels in love with it. This perfectly encapsulates the romantic, floaty feeling of spring cherry blossoms in bloom and everything pink. It's just how I feel lately. L'Occitane scents are very light so you can literally spray yourself with a cloud of this stuff and still smell subtle. Unfortunately, this also means it fades very quickly, like 2 hours quickly. 

Citrus Verbena
  • verbena
  • lemon oil
  • grapefruit
  • cedar
Smells like: clean, invigorating, fresh, energizing, citrusy, lemon

This was an impulse buy of mine back when I visited the store opening for L'Occitane in Oakridge. This perfume lights up the senses and wakes you up into an energetic mood. It would make a lovely smell around the home as well.

Fleur d'Or & Acacia

  • lemon
  • bergamot
  • mimosa
  • broom
  • white woods
  • musk

Smells like: floral, classy older woman, sensual, strong, sophisticated

Fleur d'Or & Acacia is like the grown-up sister to Neroli & Orchidee. This perfume is perfect for wearing on a night out where you want something a little more mysterious and sensual to wear. My impressions of this perfume seem totally opposite to L'Occitane, who describes this fragrance as evoking "that moment when the first trees come into bloom." I get nothing of the forest from this scent and it wears more to me like something a city-dwelling socialite would wear.

Frisson de Verveine
  • citrus
  • bergamot
  • verbena
  • cucumber
  • precious wood
  • musk
Smells like: mint, cucumber, lemon, citrus, medicinal, masculine

I recently received this fragrance to try out for the new launch later this summer. I have to say this one was a dud for me. I was disappointed as I'm such a big fan of the verbena line; this one definitely has a strong verbena smell, but the way it's tempered with cucumber just turns it into something more medicine cabinet than summer cabin. It also applies a lot stronger than other L'Occitane fragrances I've tried. When I first applied it, I was quite generous with my sprays and my nose immediately clogged from the power of this scent. I do have to say though that it dried down nicely into a fainter, albeit still strongly medicinal, version of itself. I think this may skew a bit more masculine than feminine for me at least.

Have you tried any L'Occitane perfumes?

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The Body Shop Mango Sorbet Review

Just J: The Body Shop Mango Sorbet Review

Moisturizers are something I love to review as they're one of life's little luxuries that are also, in my opinion, a life necessity. Good looking skin from your head to toe does wonders that no makeup can do and is the foundation for any beauty routine. 

The Product
The Body Shop Mango Sorbet is a cooling tropical lotion that provides instant 24 hour moisturizer. TBS is known for the excellent body butters and this new line of body sorbets are a lighter option for those who are always on the go.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • PEG-8 - a humectant, which means it helps your skin retain moisture
  • Glycerin - another standard moisturizing ingredient
  • Butylene glycol - another standard moisturizing ingredient
  • Isododecane - a solvent that helps give the product that slippery feel. It also gives off that "light" feel
Other ingredients of note are: honey (moisturizing, antioxidant), sesame seed oil (moisturizing), and mango seed oil (emollient).

Price & Packaging
This product comes in a standard squeeze tube. It retails at $15 for 200 mL, but is often on sale so you could probably get it even cheaper. The flip top is a little hard to close all the way, but unless you're planning to toss this into a bag, then that's not a problem.

Texture & Aroma
The most unique thing about this product is its texture. Unlike most moisturizers which have a very smooth, liquidy or oily feel, this one feels more like a grainy scrub! Actually, I think it feels closest to a grainy jam or baby food puree. Yes, particularly like baby apple sauce. Not that that's a bad thing.

Do NOT try eating your Body Sorbet

To go along with this baby food texture, is its baby food smell. This moisturizer smells delightfully mango-y. It's fresh, not over-powering, but definitely present. The smell doesn't really linger long on the skin after it dries, which is nice since I usually wear perfume anyway.

Just J: The Body Shop Mango Sorbet Review
The real deal

This lotion is designed to make you feel light and fresh, so it's ideal for summer. The texture makes it feel like there are little microbeads exploding on your skin and releasing moisture. It spreads easily and dries quickly without any sticky feeling. 

At first, it felt really weird to use this lotion,but now I quite like it. I probably wouldn't use this in winter though or recommend this for anyone with very dry skin.

Final Verdict
Buy - cheap and gives good moisture. It also smells great!

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Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion Review

Just J: Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion

Lise Watier's Age Prevention Supreme is a line of skincare products designed to combat the first signs of aging. Formulated around their exclusive Labrador Tea extract, a natural ingredient sourced from Canada's Labrador region, the Age Prevention Supreme products are packed with antioxidants that Lise Watier claims are three times more powerful than vitamin C.

The Product
The Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion is a powerful anti-aging moisturizer designed for use morning and night. This moisturizer helps to reduce fine lines, tighten pores and even out skin tone and texture.

There are some pretty ballsy claims to this product. Lise Watier claims that with regular use of this moisturizer,

  • 85% of testers claimed visibly smoother skin
  • 90% claimed more even skin tone
  • 76% claimed smaller pores
  • 80% claimed a more refined skin texture

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this product are:

  • Propanediol - a texturizing ingredient. Can sometimes (low chance) cause skin irritation
  • Trehalose - a plant-derived ingredient that acts as a humectant
  • Glycerin - common moisturizer
  • Propylheptyl carpylate - I couldn't seem to find much info on this ingredient, except that it may provide similar properties to silicone based ingredients, so probably helps smooth out fine lines
Other noteworthy ingredients include: shea butter, dandelion extract, Labrador Tea extract and hyaluronic acid.

Price & Packaging
For $69 you will get a 50 mL bottle. This is certainly plenty to last for months as you don't need much product to use this cream. If I have one major criticism with this product, it would be with its pump dispenser. In my experience, Lise Watier prices itself like a luxe brand and contains legit ingredients, but their packaging is cheap. The pump on this and other products is flimsy and hard to control. You either have to do a ton of teeny half-pumps or expect to get one giant ejection of product with a full pump.

This moisturizer is extremely thick and creamy so I would not use this in the morning unless you have severely dry skin. For my dry skin, night-time use is good enough for me. I apply this cream as the last step in my beauty routine over my entire face and neck. If you don't like thick night creams as I do, you may not like this one as it does take awhile to absorb. Coupled with my facial oil, my face feels very slick and shiny upon application, but by morning it is soft and bright.

Final Verdict
Buy - a no-nonsense product that isn't terribly exciting, but which works.

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One Minute Miracles with The Kit | #OneMinuteMiracle

What are your beauty favourites? Your go-to, must-buy, this-will-fricken-change-your-life products? Now, wouldn't you want to know what everyone else's are so you can run out and buy that shiz right now? Well, the editors at The Kit are doing that, right now.

All month, the editors at The Kit are revealing their One Minute Miracles - these are the products that will change your skin and makeup routine in one minute. These picks include drugstore faves, high-end goodies and everything in-between. Visit The Kit daily for the reveal of a new One Minute Miracle and read up on why each was chosen. The full collection will also be revealed in special editions of newspapers across the country: the Toronto Star (June 5), Ottawa CitizenMontreal GazetteCalgary HeraldEdmonton Journal, and Vancouver Sun (June 7), Le Metro (June 11) and Sing Tao Daily (June 21)!

Readers of The Kit can also gain a chance to win a basket of beauty miracles worth more than $430!! To enter, post a selfie and include your favourite beauty product to Instagram (@theKitCA or Twitter (@TheKit) and use the hashtag #oneminutemiracle. Beginning June 5, The Kit will repost a winning entry on every day for 27 days. Find more details at

So what could you win? I got a sneak peek at the collection from The Kit recently and let me tell you, the winner's jaw is going to DROP.


I've heard lots of good and bad things about this micellar cleanser, so I'm quite excited to try this out. If it works as well as my favourite Nivea or Marcelle cleansing toners, then I'm sold!


I've been feeling alternately dull or shiny with my skin lately. Maybe this Liquid Halo foundation will help perk me up. This foundation is HD ready and contains gel pigments that help to even out skin and provide flawless coverage.


I've always been a fan of Lash Blast and this latest formulation could be just what I need so I can layer on the mascara clump-free!


I love this cleansing toner!! It is gentle, thorough and such good value for your money. My friend Angela even wrote an ode to this product recently, it's that good.


I never use lip liners (I know, so shameful) and I really should as I get chronic lipstick teeth. This one is reportedly designed to prevent bleeding and since it's clear, it will work for all colours!


I've heard good things about Dove's Pure Care Dry Oil so I'm excited to use this one during the winter months and as apres-beach hair care!


This hydrating antioxidant mist helps firm, re-hydrate and prevent signs of aging. You can use this as a refreshing toner before moisturizer or just throughout the day whenever you feel dry or to give a dewy look to your makeup.


Awhile back, I went through a Clinique phase, but it's been years since I have used any of their products. I've heard conflicting reviews about some of their products, but I've never had any issues with their creams. This one is designed to be used both day and night, which tells me it's probably better for the winter, or as just a night cream in summer.


I literally squealed when I saw this one in the box, as I recently had lost my last cuticle balm and was in need of one! My cuticles are always dry and raggedy, but this oil immediately leaves them looking 100 times better. It even helps to moisturize your nails!


Similarly to Clinique, it's been years since I tried any Mary Kay products. They have always worked well for me and are really great quality for the price. This finishing spray is another god-send as wedding season arrives. I'll be sure to pack this along to set makeup for my friends on their big day!


I've never tried a hair masque, but the idea does intrigue me. This mask contains buriti oil to help seal in moisture and repair damaged hair. I'm a tad worried it will weigh down my fine hair, but if so, then my thicker haired friends will rejoice to get this luxurious freebie.


CC/BB creams for eyes seems to be the new frontier for the alphabet creams and here is Olay's contribution to the trend. I don't really have dark circles, so I'm not anticipating too much from this one, but will be watching out more for the anti-aging properties it contains.


Now who doesn't love a good body scrub? Begone dry elbows and heels! This glycerin based scrub combines the scrubbing powers of sugar and salt to provide a deep-down clean. I can already tell this one will make my shower slippery since when I opened it to peek a smell, I got oils all over my hands!


Serums, the godsend of moisture. Ever since I discovered serums, I've been addicted. Here's another to throw onto the pile! This serums is formulated for all skin types and contains 20 different plant extracts. It not only rejuvenates skin and fights signs of aging, it also minimizes pores!! So. Excited.

Thanks again to The Kit for introducing me to so many One Minute Miracles!

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Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

Just J at Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

June has been crazy for beauty events in Vancouver, but one of the events I was most looking forward to was the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin event. This was the first Dermalogica event I'd ever heard of in Vancouver and as a big fan of the brand, of course I was pumped.

The event took place in the downtown office where training sessions take place. It was an intimate classroom style presentation where bloggers were introduced to this season's product launches.

Since it's summer, Dermalogica is focus on keeping your skin beach ready. Protection is key and there are a lot of new and old SPF infused products. Whether you are a fan of physical or chemical sunscreens, Dermalogica has you covered. I was particularly impressed by the After Sun Repair lotion which contains aloe and other soothing ingredients. This lotion is so jelly-like and cooling! I almost would want to use this normally, and not just for sun repair.

If you're a fan of multi-purpose products, then the Cover Tints is for you. Coming in just three shades (light, medium and dark), these watery lotions provide coverage and SPF - basically like a BB. These use physical sunscreens, so if you have sensitive skin these may work for you. Special light diffusers even out and brighten skin, while extracts of ginseng, purslane and centella tighten skin. A little goes a long way with these and they blend out quite nicely to provide light coverage.

Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin
Left to right: Dark vs. Light

In a totally new direction for Dermalogica, is the launch of their Clean Start line, which is targeted for teens. Consisting of acne fighting cleansers, toner, scrubs, masques and lotions, this line is formulated for all skin types and contains bacteria fighting ingredients to zap the source of blemishes. Pro tip: use the toner as a body and face spray after the gym to help fight sweat related breakouts!

The new Clean Start line for teens: Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

To demonstrate the power of their products, we were all instructed to layer on Dermalogica's primer, skin tint and our best eyeliner doodle on our hands:

Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

On a sidenote, I think it's an interesting psychological exercise to see what others draw on their hands. I of course drew a dog, while Jayne drew cute flowers and Sheila, always the marketer, wrote the event hashtag on her hand! What a keener ;)

Then, we all tried out the new Precleanse wipes to clean and loosen up our makeup. As you know, I'm a HUGE fan of Precleanse and these wipes are a fantastic way to take this product on the go. Wipes are also handy for bloggers who need to do a lot of swatching! This product is amazing. These pre-moistened wipes were even more easier to use than the regular Precleanse and with one swipe, my hand looked like this:

Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

Next, we used the new anhydrous cleanser to totally cleanse and refresh our skin. This product is freaking amazing. It has a cooling gel texture and requires no water! Just massage into skin and wipe away.

Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

If you've never tried Dermalogica, I highly recommend you do so. Their products are gentle, effective and contain quality ingredients. They're also pricey and hard to find, but hey, nothing in life is free ;)

Find a Dermalogica retailer near you!

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Coach wallets for Spring/Summer 2014

I've never been a big Coach fan, but lately I have to give props to them as they are seriously upping their handbag game! Gone are the cheap canvas logos and in are luxurious leathers, sleek designs and most importantly, SUBTLE logos. Gimme gimme.

As I've been casually looking for a new wallet to complement my Kate Spade one, these options from Coach's latest spring/summer collection have me positively drooling.

Just J: Coach wallets for Spring/Summer 2014
Boxed zippy wallet in Saffriano, $108

With a design this simple, it's best to opt for bold color. This bright fuschia pink is so hot and reminds me of my favourite family of lipstick shades! Although I find wrist bands on wristlets to often be superfluous, there's no denying the continuing chicness of this design.

Just J: Coach wallets for Spring/Summer 2014
Double-zip wristlet in colour-block leather, $78

Continuing on with the wristlet love, is this subtle colour blocked leather option. I'm falling back in love with blush pink and the contrasting finishes on this wallet give it a maturer look that grounds this otherwise youthful colour. Opting for differing textures is a great way to do colour-blocking with a monochrome palette.

Just J: Coach wallets for Spring/Summer 2014
Accordion zip wallet in Saffriano patent leather, $228

Last, but not least, is my favourite of the bunch, this minimalist zip-around wallet in baby blue. Unfortunately, this one is too similar to my current wallet, which is a Tiffany blue! I seem to have a thing for blue wallets. I love how this one is so practical with its multiple card slots and zippered coin pouch. The zip-around design is also great for security as you never need to worry about anything falling out.

Which of these wallets would you buy?

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