Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

Just J at Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

June has been crazy for beauty events in Vancouver, but one of the events I was most looking forward to was the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin event. This was the first Dermalogica event I'd ever heard of in Vancouver and as a big fan of the brand, of course I was pumped.

The event took place in the downtown office where training sessions take place. It was an intimate classroom style presentation where bloggers were introduced to this season's product launches.

Since it's summer, Dermalogica is focus on keeping your skin beach ready. Protection is key and there are a lot of new and old SPF infused products. Whether you are a fan of physical or chemical sunscreens, Dermalogica has you covered. I was particularly impressed by the After Sun Repair lotion which contains aloe and other soothing ingredients. This lotion is so jelly-like and cooling! I almost would want to use this normally, and not just for sun repair.

If you're a fan of multi-purpose products, then the Cover Tints is for you. Coming in just three shades (light, medium and dark), these watery lotions provide coverage and SPF - basically like a BB. These use physical sunscreens, so if you have sensitive skin these may work for you. Special light diffusers even out and brighten skin, while extracts of ginseng, purslane and centella tighten skin. A little goes a long way with these and they blend out quite nicely to provide light coverage.

Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin
Left to right: Dark vs. Light

In a totally new direction for Dermalogica, is the launch of their Clean Start line, which is targeted for teens. Consisting of acne fighting cleansers, toner, scrubs, masques and lotions, this line is formulated for all skin types and contains bacteria fighting ingredients to zap the source of blemishes. Pro tip: use the toner as a body and face spray after the gym to help fight sweat related breakouts!

The new Clean Start line for teens: Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

To demonstrate the power of their products, we were all instructed to layer on Dermalogica's primer, skin tint and our best eyeliner doodle on our hands:

Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

On a sidenote, I think it's an interesting psychological exercise to see what others draw on their hands. I of course drew a dog, while Jayne drew cute flowers and Sheila, always the marketer, wrote the event hashtag on her hand! What a keener ;)

Then, we all tried out the new Precleanse wipes to clean and loosen up our makeup. As you know, I'm a HUGE fan of Precleanse and these wipes are a fantastic way to take this product on the go. Wipes are also handy for bloggers who need to do a lot of swatching! This product is amazing. These pre-moistened wipes were even more easier to use than the regular Precleanse and with one swipe, my hand looked like this:

Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

Next, we used the new anhydrous cleanser to totally cleanse and refresh our skin. This product is freaking amazing. It has a cooling gel texture and requires no water! Just massage into skin and wipe away.

Just J at the Dermalogica Spring Clean Your Skin Event Recap | #DermSpringSkin

If you've never tried Dermalogica, I highly recommend you do so. Their products are gentle, effective and contain quality ingredients. They're also pricey and hard to find, but hey, nothing in life is free ;)

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