Hooked on the imPress press-on nails from Broadway Nails!

Just J: imPress press-on nail manicure from Broadway Nails

I'm all about efficiency when it comes to life. It helps me be lazy. Work smart, not hard. Take naps. Smell the roses. Use to-do lists. Nail polish is one of those areas of my life where the less work the better. I appreciate cool nail art, I really do - I just don't have the patience to do it on myself. Even slapping on 3 coats of pastel polish just to get that perfect opacity tries my patience. I know doing your nails is supposed to be a way for you to have "me time", but that's what facials are for IMO. Nail polish is for slapping on and oogling over the next few days while at your desk pretending to be working while actually pondering lunch.

That's why something like the imPress press-on manicure from Broadway Nails is made for me. It's a quick fix to nail art that indulges my impatience and my non-committal feelings towards nail colors.

These babies are a cinch to try. Each pack of imPress nails comes with a bunch of different sized nails and are offered in a wide variety of styles. I received two boxes of these nails: one in a bright fuschia shade and then the lace ones shown above. I loved the romantic yet sexy appeal of these lace nails. They would be perfect for a date night or just whenever you happen to feel very girly. Since wearing all-over lace might be a bit much, I only applied the nails to a couple fingers as an accent and then paired it with a matching Inglot polish (2 coats). To apply, simply peel off the clear adhesive and press firmly onto the nail for around 30 seconds.

Just J: imPress press-on nail manicure from Broadway Nails

I was so happy to find sizes that fit my tiny nail beds without too much fiddling. As you can see, the thumb is a bit of stretch and I had to clip them for length, but overall this was pretty low-maintenance. I've only been wearing them for a couple days and they seem to be holding up well, even after washing my hair. Other reviews have mentioned that they tend to fall off after 3-4 days. So would I try an imPress mani again? Definitely yes!

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