Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion Review

Just J: Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion

Lise Watier's Age Prevention Supreme is a line of skincare products designed to combat the first signs of aging. Formulated around their exclusive Labrador Tea extract, a natural ingredient sourced from Canada's Labrador region, the Age Prevention Supreme products are packed with antioxidants that Lise Watier claims are three times more powerful than vitamin C.

The Product
The Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion is a powerful anti-aging moisturizer designed for use morning and night. This moisturizer helps to reduce fine lines, tighten pores and even out skin tone and texture.

There are some pretty ballsy claims to this product. Lise Watier claims that with regular use of this moisturizer,

  • 85% of testers claimed visibly smoother skin
  • 90% claimed more even skin tone
  • 76% claimed smaller pores
  • 80% claimed a more refined skin texture

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this product are:

  • Propanediol - a texturizing ingredient. Can sometimes (low chance) cause skin irritation
  • Trehalose - a plant-derived ingredient that acts as a humectant
  • Glycerin - common moisturizer
  • Propylheptyl carpylate - I couldn't seem to find much info on this ingredient, except that it may provide similar properties to silicone based ingredients, so probably helps smooth out fine lines
Other noteworthy ingredients include: shea butter, dandelion extract, Labrador Tea extract and hyaluronic acid.

Price & Packaging
For $69 you will get a 50 mL bottle. This is certainly plenty to last for months as you don't need much product to use this cream. If I have one major criticism with this product, it would be with its pump dispenser. In my experience, Lise Watier prices itself like a luxe brand and contains legit ingredients, but their packaging is cheap. The pump on this and other products is flimsy and hard to control. You either have to do a ton of teeny half-pumps or expect to get one giant ejection of product with a full pump.

This moisturizer is extremely thick and creamy so I would not use this in the morning unless you have severely dry skin. For my dry skin, night-time use is good enough for me. I apply this cream as the last step in my beauty routine over my entire face and neck. If you don't like thick night creams as I do, you may not like this one as it does take awhile to absorb. Coupled with my facial oil, my face feels very slick and shiny upon application, but by morning it is soft and bright.

Final Verdict
Buy - a no-nonsense product that isn't terribly exciting, but which works.

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