Nail HQ All in One Nail Treatment Review

Just J: Nail HQ All in One Nail Treatment Review

Nails are a part of my body that I tend to neglect. I'm religious about moisturizing my skin, but my nails and cuticles tend to get forgotten. Since I've been hanging around more nail bloggers though, I've realized my nails are kinda horrendous so it's time to get my act together. Whether you just have dry, neglected hands like me, or you're a nail polish addict who switches colors everyday, the Nail HQ All In One nail treatment is designed to help you get perfect, healthy looking nails.

The Product
I'd never heard of this brand before, but Nail HQ seems to be a UK brand specializing in nail treatments. The All In One Multi Solution Nail Treatment is designed to repair and replenish dry, brittle nails while also giving them a subtle shine. This polish can be worn alone for a subtle, healthy glow, or used as a nourishing base coat. It is available at drugstores like Select Pharmasave, Select Pharmaprix and Select IDA.

The Guts
I couldn't find a full ingredient list, but I did find that this polish contains lots of moisturizing ingredients, such as argan oil, hydrolyzed collagen and keratin.

Price & Packaging
For a 10 mL bottle, this will set you back $11.99. Not exactly the cheapest thing on the market, but since this is helping your nails instead of just coloring them, I suppose that's okay.

This product is supposed to give you strong, healthy looking nails. It's pretty hard to tell the difference on nails compared to trying out skin products. My nails felt like, well, my nails! The polish does give a nice sheen to them and dried very quickly. It lasted a few days before chipping off. I think only time will tell whether it will make a long term difference, which is why I've delayed so long with this review. To be honest, I didn't notice if my nails were getting any better or worse. I have noticed a slight decrease in the number of hang-nails I've been getting, but is that really due to this treatment?

Final Verdict
Buy - even though I haven't noticed a huge difference, I think this product is definitely better than using a base coat that has no benefits to it at all.

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