Skindanavia Makeup Primer Spray Review

I have terrible luck with primers. Instead of mattifying and setting my makeup, they always seem to do the opposite, so I was pretty skeptical when I was sent the Skindanavia Makeup Primer Spray. Would this spray-on primer finally break my bad luck streak?

The Product
The Skindanavia Makeup Primer Spray is a silicone-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free primer that provides a lightweight feel with lasting all day coverage. Designed to give your skin a flawless finish, this spray helps minimize pores, reduce redness and prevent shine.

Price & Packaging
There are two sizes available for purchase online: the 4 oz for $35 and the 8 oz for $49. Skindanavia's website states that the 4 oz will last you around 90 days of typical use, while the 8 oz will last around 180.

To use, just shake the bottle well and then spray lightly across your face in a T or X shape. I prefered using more of a triangle shape as I found that the spray comes out in a fine squirt rather than a more aerosol-type spray, which would help provide more even coverage.

The warm summer weather made this the perfect time to test out this primer. My summer face doesn't differ much from my winter one as the weather in Vancouver isn't as extreme as in other climates. Generally, I wear moisturizer, sunscreen, liquid foundation or a BB cream on areas needing coverage, and then pressed powder over top. To use, I sprayed the primer on after my sunscreen and gave it a minute to set as I brushed my hair.

This primer has a light, fresh scent and dries a bit tacky, but nothing too serious. I tried this primer out using it with just pressed powder foundation and with a combination of liquid and powder.

With liquid foundation, this primer works like a breeze. It helped ensure my foundation application was smooth and helped extend the coverage all day. With the addition of setting powder, this primer even helped my shininess somewhat, even after 8 hours!

With powder foundation however, this primer was a hot mess. I guess it's not formulated for use with powder foundations, but since it doesn't state that anywhere, I don't think it's unfair to expect it to work. Well, with powder, this primer just made my foundation melt all over my face. Within hours, you could see the powder kinda clumping together on my face in oily patches - just gross!

Other than that though, I found this primer to work really well for me. The last thing you want in the summer is to feel like you're wearing a mask on your face, but this one felt like I was wearing nothing! My only other complaint with this primer is that I wish it didn't require you to shake it as I always forget to shake the bottle before using. Hopefully that doesn't make much of a difference!

Final Verdict
Buy - Good value for money, a lightweight feel and decent effectiveness.

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