1 Item, 3 Ways: Canada Day Edition with Plenty's Propaganda Naya Dress

Happy Canada Day everyone! I'm probably sleeping in while you're reading this post with big plans to generally laze around. I'm not normally a big "rah-rah" person, but I do have to say that I am so grateful to be Canadian. No matter where I roam, it's always good to come home to the sea and mountains that I've grown up with. Seriously, there are few places more beautiful than the BC coast! If you're reading this and you've never been to Canada, then get over here and see it for yourself!

Anyhoo, enough with the patriotism and onto the fashion! Today I have a special edition of 1 item, 3 ways, my series where I take one item and show you 3 different looks you can do with it. The hopes of this series is to help you expand your own sartorial horizons and shop with a more critical eye. Today's item features a pretty dress in "Canadian red" from Vancouver brand, Plenty:

Just J: 1 Item, 3 Ways: Canada Day Edition with Plenty's Propaganda Naya Dress
Plenty Propaganda Naya dress, $98

This dress is such a versatile item. It's got a great length, a very flattering shape and a color that is just so gorgeous! Red is fantastic for brightening up your skin and this red in particular is very flattering, although those with darker skin tones may want to go with something a bit darker and more berry toned.

So how can you wear this item?

Look 1: From the boardroom to the bar

1 Item, 3 Ways: Canada Day Edition with Zara and Danier Leather
Zara printed blazer, $59.99 (on sale!) | Zara two-tone high heel sandal, $49.99 (sale!) | Danier Leather Saffriano satchel, $149

You can't go wrong with red, black and white. This color combination is both bold and classic, imparting you with insta-chicness and elegance. The classic lines of this Danier satchel tone down the craziness of the blazer and the thick ankle straps of these Zara sandals are right on trend.

Look #2: Librarian chic

1 Item, 3 Ways: Canada Day Edition with Aritzia, Warby Parker and ModCloth
Aritzia Le Fou by Wilfred Piccolo skirt, $225 (sale!) | Next patent loafer, $56 | Warby Parker Finch glasses, $95 | Modcloth Follow the Wind watch, $89.99 | ModCloth Bling-dom Animalia bracelet, $19.99

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of dressing like a stylish granny or librarian. I actually aspired to be a librarian or cozy bookshop owner when I was a child so I could just sit around reading all day and hide away from people. Sometimes I still dream about it.

Layering a fuller skirt over the bottom half of a dress is an old trick of mine to get more wear out of my dresses. This would be a great look for strolling around the park in summer or paired with a cozy cardigan in fall.

Look #3: Main St. ready

1 Item, 3 Ways: Canada Day Edition with Olive+Piper, MANGO and Zara
Olive+Piper Black Luxe Bar bracelet, 28 | Olive+Piper Coco Black necklace, $52 | MANGO denim vest | Zara flat sandal, $29.99

If you live in Vancouver, then you'll know what I mean by the name of this look. Main St. is a popular hangout for young 20 somethings. There are a lot of cool boutiques, coffee shops and little bars and resto-pubs along this street. Hanging out here necessitates a kind of effortless cool.

Which look is your favourite?

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