What to Wear to a Wedding: Day to Night

Since I've now announced that I'm engaged, I feel entitled to blog as much about wedding crap as I want! My blog, my rules right? Imma be generous though and blog about something that's actually applicable to everyone first, namely wedding guest outfits.

Unless you have friends who are into the rustic/barn/country/mason jar explosion style, then it's likely that you'll be at a wedding in a garden, a hotel, a church or some other semi-fancy, dressy venue. Also, if it's a good friend, you may also be attending the ceremony as well as the reception. Likely, that ceremony will take place during the day, with several hours to kill before cocktails. As such, it's customary to tailor your outfit to the timing and wear something different during the day and in the evening.

For the ceremony, think proper, classy, but chic. It's probably better to err on the side of conservatism as there will be grandmas and nosy aunties running around.  Thus, floral and floral colors are my go-to for daytime wedding outfits.

Just J: What to Wear to a Wedding: Day to Night
Ruche My Fair Lady embroidered dress, $34.50 (sale!)

This dress would work wonderfully if you're a) really girly or b) really girly and Asian. The floral embroidery of the top keeps it from veering too far into bridesmaid territory and you could always pair it with a light shawl to keep warm and make it more casual.

Just J: What to Wear to a Wedding: Day to Night
Zara printed dress, $39.99 (sale!)

For something a little more fashion-forward, I really adore this modern floral print dress from Zara. The somewhat late summer/fall color scheme give this dress a more sophisticated feel to your average floral and the simple sheath shape lends strength to your frame.

While the ceremony is all about elegance and light, the reception is where you can let your hair down. There will be wine and dancing and much more forgiving lighting. Throw on some blush, some lashes and show some (appropriate) skin.

Bold, bright colors are a great evening wear choice. Since you'll likely be eating a several course meal, choose a dress with a forgiving silhouette as well. You want to be concentrating on catching the cute groomsmen's eye, not sucking in your gut!

Just J: What to Wear to a Wedding: Day to Night
Club Monaco Logan dress, $198.50

Looove the bold blue color of this dress. The flirty length and the one-shoulder design make this dress so fun looking to wear. while the elasticized waist is oh-so-forgiving.

Just J: What to Wear to a Wedding: Day to Night
Club Monaco Witherbee dress, $229

If classic is more your style, then you can never go wrong with a LBD. This one is classy with an edge with a beautiful lace overlay, leather trim and exposed zipper.

So those are my picks for what to wear to a wedding! 
Which ones would you wear?

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