Guest post: A Purple Look featuring Ilamasqua from Swatch and Review

Hey friends! I'm Julie from Swatch and Review hanging out on Just J as part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers guest post series!

This month our them is: PURPLE! For me, this is a win-­win situation as everything I own is some shade of purple. And lately, I have really been trying to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to eyeshadow. I usually just swipe on a cream shadow and go.

Two of my favourite new purchases are from Illamasqua, a brand out of the UK (currently on sale for 25% off at The Bay). They are both cool purple matte shadows and I have been playing around with a few looks and have come up with something I love!

Illamasqua CREEP is a soft lavender purple shadow. It is the perfect, near­white base to mix with any shadow and it gives sort of a "mod" look.

Illamasqua PREEN is a rich royal purple (almost a blurple). It may look alarming in the pan, but I assure you this is not too bold or bright and it is buildable so you can blend, blend, blend until you're happy.

Incorporating purple into your eye look is really simple. I swept CREEP over my lid and into the crease. Then I blended PREEN into the crease and outer V.

After that, I blended the edges out with a bit of CREEP, added a purple eyeliner (Avon mark. No Place to Run liner) for a bit of pop against the light base and ... done!

Now it's easy to get carried away with colour, but just focus on one thing. I went bolder with my eyes and toned down the rest with a light rosy pink blush and a clear lip gloss.

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