Lush Mangnificent vs.Parsley Porridge Soap Review

As a big fan of Lush soaps, I was excited to try two of the new summer releases: Mangnificent and Parsley Porridge. Filled with natural ingredients and fresh fragrances, both of these soaps are designed to invigorate your morning shower and leave you squeaky clean - so which one got my thumbs up?

The Products
Mangnificent is a zesty tropical punch in the face for your morning shower. With its fresh splashes of Sicilian lemon oil, mandarin oil and neroli, this soap had me super excited as I love citrusy scents and mangoes in general.

Parsley Porridge on the other hand is designed more for cleanliness than for fragrance. This soap uses the dirt-busting powers of oatmeal, parsley and tea tree oil to thoroughly cleanse skin.

The Guts
Mangnificent primarily contains:

  • Rapeseed oil - this oil forms the basis of this and many other Lush soaps as an alternative to palm oil, which Lush claims is often is aggressively harvested and leads to deforestation of native forests. It's also known as canola oil... which is also farmed on a large-scale... so go figure.
  • Coconut oil - similar to most oils, it acts as an emollient (helps lock in moisture)
  • Glycerine - run of the mill, work-horse moisturizer
  • Fresh mango - a natural antibacterial cleanser and also is packed full of antioxidants
After this all the other ingredients in this soap are basically fragrances and coloring.

Parsley Porridge primarily contains:
  • Tea tree infusion - a natural acne-fighting ingredient that has antibacterial properties. Oddly enough, this can also cause irritation for people with acne by drying out their skin.
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Glycerine
Other ingredients of note are aloe vera (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing), parsley (antioxidant), oatmeal (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing), thyme oil (acne-fighting), sandalwood oil (astringent, moisturizing) and grapefruit oil (astringent). 

Compared to Mangnificent, the Parsley Porridge is packed with way more cleansing ingredients and so clearly wins here. 

Price & Packaging
Both soaps cost $6.95 for 100g. Like all Lush soaps, they come wrapped rustic-style in waxed paper.

In terms of the physical shape of each, I much preferred Parsley Porridge. Perhaps my piece of Mangnificent was actually a little bigger than PP, but I found it trickier to hold and the sharp edges made it difficult to really work it between my hands to get a lather.

Mangnificent as expected smells citrusy and of fresh mangoes, but I was kinda surprised that it wasn't as "in your face" as I expected. Usually Lush products are SO FRAGRANCE, but in a good, natural way and this soap just kinda fell flat. Mangnificent had a scent for sure, but only if I put my nose really close to it.

Parsley Porridge on the other hand, smelled just like what it was: a mix of oatmeal, parsley and tea tree oil. Kinda like a medicine cabinet. Luckily, the scent doesn't linger on the skin!

After using each for a few weeks, I have to say that Parsley Porridge is my favourite. It lathers nicely and rinses easily without leaving my skin tight. I actually like the kinda menthol-y smell it gives off and it is strong enough to wash feet that have been running in beach sand all day.

Mangnificent on the other hand hardly lathers at all and leaves a bit of a film when rinsing off. I think it still did a decent job of cleansing, but I guess without that soap lather, it's hard to really feel like it's working.

Final Verdict
Buy - Parsley Porridge, but ditch Mangnificent.

Buy both products from Lush.

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