Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

In the past few years a plethora of new makeup sponges have flooded the market. Wedges and cubes? PASSE. It's all about the beauty blenders, the miracle makers, the pore erasers, the sponges 2.0! But along with these cool new shapes and names, come not-so-cool prices. That's where Real Techniques comes in.

The Product
The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge is the drugstore alternative to over-priced makeup sponges. If you haven't heard of Real Techniques before, don't worry, I hadn't either until about a year ago! I've noticed that drugstores and makeup stores in general, do a pitiful job of supplying makeup tools, but in the last while London Drugs has upped its game by stocking Real Techniques and trust me, they are worth the money! Affordable and high quality, RT gets rave reviews in the beauty blogger scene, so I was pumped to try out this, my first RT product.

This multi-faceted sponge is designed as your all-in-one tool for foundation application. The flat side helps you to apply foundation to the contours of your cheeks and nose, while the precision tip gets into those little corners. Then the curved body helps to stipple foundation across wider areas of your face.

Price & Packaging
One sponge costs you $9.99 via FarleyCo and is also available at London Drugs, Pharmasave and Lawtons.

How to use it
Now, you might assume that this is just a regular foundation sponge with a cooler shape, but you'd be wrong. This baby is different! You can use this sponge dry, but the real power comes when you wet it.

Run the sponge under water and it will grow soft and almost twice as large. Once the sponge has reached maximum size, squeeze all the water out and then apply foundation as normal.

When used with the wet method, this sponge works like a dream. I've never had my foundation apply so naturally, so seamlessly as I have with this sponge. This sponge blends my foundation easily and quickly while still providing adequate coverage. Truly delivers that airbrushed finish while also leaving skin dewy and soft.

To keep your sponge fresh, simply wash with a bit of soap and leave to air dry.

Final Verdict

Buy via Farley Co.

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