10 Fashion and beauty pet peeves

It's a Monday which means that we're all feeling a little out of sorts and a little cranky today. In the spirit of it being a Monday, I would like to rant a bit about some of the things that really irk me in regards to fashion and beauty.

In no particular order, my top 10 pet peeves when it comes to fashion and beauty are:

  1. The lack of a universal size system for clothes and shoes. The vast majority of the world uses metric for god's sake, so why can't stores agree on one system of sizing? It's ridiculous trying to shop for anyone or for yourself when you first have to familiarize yourself with what a size 4 is at store A versus at store B. And just stop with the vanity sizing already! I KNOW already that I'm not really a XXS, although I do thank for the attempted ego boost.
  2. Or at the very least, have cohesion within your own brand. Makeup brands are horrible for this with "light skin" meaning various things across different foundation lines within their own brand. 
  3. Multiple names for the same ingredient. I'm looking at you mineral oil/petrolatum as a common example. Not only do we have to deal with all the misinformation floating around about whether an ingredient is safe or not, we also have to find out what all their shifting aliases are! 
  4. Online stores that aren't updated or useful in any way. Yes, these still do exist. Not naming names, but I'm sure we've all encountered a store's website where it's not easy to find the stores near you, or they may not even sell anything online! What's the point?!
  5. Ridiculous sales. I'm looking straight at you Aritzia (why do I feel okay calling you out by name?). It's just INSULTING to have a sale where it's $5 off. I probably spent $5 just getting to your dumb store so give me my freaking 40% off dammit!! 
  6. Products that have no instructions on how to use them. Yes, you're a pre-post-serum-essence thingy, but at what point of the day or night am I supposed to use them in my bazillion step beauty regime?
  7. Sweaters made of itchy material. We can get to the moon and peer into the secrets of the universe, but making a sweater out of material that won't make you feel like you're wearing thorns is apparently beyond the realm of science.
  8. Clothes that are dry clean only. Silk, being the exception, but why are so many nice tops dry clean only? Men have pants that they can wipe ketchup off of, so why can't we ladies get a cheaper laundry bill.
  9. People who wear Crocs and Uggs. This needs no explanation. The only exception is if it's snowing or you're gardening. Then you're legit, otherwise just quit.
  10. People who write lists telling you what's a do or a don't in fashion. Every "don't" at some point was probably a "do" so wear what makes you feel fabulous and forget the trends. Except if it involves #9. Don't do that. Ever.

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