Estee Lauder Fall/Winter 2014 Preview - *pic heavy*

A couple weeks ago I had the lovely pleasure to preview all the latest releases from renowned beauty line, Estee Lauder. As a newbie to the brand, I immediately fell in love with the luxurious packaging and quality ingredients of each product. I've always thought of Estee Lauder as an older brand, but after this event I think that the brand is either introducing products aimed for a younger demographic, or I'm just getting older!

Just to warn you, there are quite a few photos here as I went a little snap crazy! I simply couldn't help myself as everything was so pretty and elegant and the light so helpful. Anyhoo, let's get on with it!


Probably what Estee Lauder is most famous for are its high-end skincare products. The famous Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair ($62) is a powerful anti-aging serum that helps prevent and fight all signs of aging. I was super excited to see the new Micro Essence ($95), a product first introduced in Asia, which is a rejuvenating liquid essence that is patted onto skin after cleaning. The Micro Essence works similar to other Asian essences and helps to brighten, moisturize and provide suppleness to skin.


Another "eee" moment for me was to learn about the Nutritious line, a new line of skincare designed and tested exclusively on Asian skin. While I'm fairly sure most anyone could use these, when it says it's designed for Asians, I take that to mean the products are designed primarily for brightening, which is a large concern for Asians as we age. The Rosy Prism Radiant Gel Emulsion is a moisturizer designed to plump up and provide light hydration while the Radiant Essence again helps hydrate, plump and brighten sallow skin.


Next up, is the Enlighten line, which again targets hyperpigmentation. The new EE cream (that's EE for Enlighten Even - what a gimmick!) provides coverage, SPF 30 and light reflecting pigments to give you a natural inner glow. The EE cream is designed to work together with other products such as this Dark Spot Correcting Night serum.


Once you've got your skincare needs met, Estee Lauder also offers a wide range of makeup products. Above is the complete range of shades from their Perfectionist ($45) foundation containing SPF 25. This foundation provides medium coverage with a silky, matte finish.


And if you want to graduate up from using your fingers to apply makeup, then there is this beautiful Sculpting Foundation Brush ($45) for you to try. Although the shape is a tad lobster claw-esque, the unique shape is designed to envelop the curves of your cheekbones. 

Check out that beautiful packaging!


Next, all during the month of October, you can purchase this exclusive pack of Estee Lauder products with proceeds going to support breast cancer. Consisting of a solid perfume, a powder compact, nail polish, serum and a cute makeup pouch, these products each contain special branding with the breast cancer ribbon.



Above are some of the new releases from sister line, Aerin. Targeting a younger demographic, this line includes two beautfiully fresh fragrances (my fave was Meadow), a sheer lip tint, and rosy lip glosses and shadow palettes. As well, these brown eyeliners get  a big thumbs-up from me; I've been using mine since the event and love its richly pigmented color and silky texture.

Lastly, my favourite part of the event was checking out all the new shadow palettes. There were tons of palettes to choose from (click through the above slideshow to see them all) and each was displayed with an accompanying photo of the visual inspiration behind that palette. Sadly for the bright shadow lovers, most of these palettes leaned more towards the neutrals zone, but there were some absolutely lovely purples and greens included in this collection as well.

Thank you to Estee Lauder and to Overcat Communications for the invite this fab event! You may purchase Estee Lauder products at The Bay and Holt Renfrew. Also, be sure to try out their complimentary touch-up service at Estee Lauder counters - I had the chance to try out this free service where one of their knowledgeable consultants freshens up your makeup and provides free advice and it is such an enjoyable way to spend your 15 minutes coffee break.

Will you be running out to purchase the new Estee Lauder picks?

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