Happenings lately: Manning Park

I think I have to face it. September is here and I am not ready yet to say goodbye to summer. The weather is still deceivingly summer-like and although fall fashions are lurking at the edges of my vision and in my blog reader, I am resolutely in denial. I haven't had enough sunshine and flip-flops yet dammit!!

This summer has ended with a bang for me, which makes it especially hard to face fall. A friend's wedding, my recent Vegas trip (recap and shopping haul post coming soon!) and a glamping trip to Manning Park have made the past few weeks too full of good times.

A couple weeks ago Mr. Artist, myself, Ecko, and 4 of our good friends took the 3 hour drive up to Manning Park to go "glamping". Since Mr. Artist is a bit of a princess (YES I SAID IT), this style of camping was the only way I could convince him to emerge outside city limits.

His main objections to camping trips:
  • lack of gear
  • bugs
  • sweatiness and being unable to shower
  • having to leave Ecko behind
  • fleas and/or ticks if we brought Ecko along
  • not wanting to drive our car along logging roads
  • not liking driving for hours because his butt gets sore
Sheila, Angela and I eliminated all those objections by:
  • renting a cabin that had showers and a full working kitchen. There was even a BBQ!
  • bringing along Ecko in Sheila's minivan, which her and her boyfriend drove

And it was a huge success! We stayed for the weekend in this beautiful rustic house beside a gurgling stream and a ready-made fire pit, ripe for marshmallow roasting. There was also a lake nearby for canoeing, swimming and general lolling about. I would highly recommend visiting Manning Park for its pristine waters, easy hiking trails and good ratio of available amenities to number of visitors.

Just J: Manning Park recap
Posing outside our chalet

Just J: Manning Park recap
The view at the beautiful lake

Just J: Manning Park recap
One of our rooms for the weekend

Just J: Manning Park recap
Canoeing! Thankfully Ecko didn't try to jump out

Just J: Manning Park recap
Roasting marshmallows for s'mores. Ecko almost caught his tail on fire.

Just J: Manning Park recap
On the trail

Just J: Manning Park recap
Check out the inukshuk in the background!

Just J: Manning Park recap
*derp* nature is fun

How have you enjoyed the last weeks of summer?

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