Introducing Amie Skincare: Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturizer and Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask reviews


I'm very excited to bring to you another new-ish launch to the Canadian skincare market: Amie Skincare. You may have read some reviews of this line already, but if you haven't, Amie is a UK beauty line started by former Estee Lauder exec, Fiona Parkhouse. After seeing the irritating effects of products on her daughter's skin, Parkhouse teamed up with dermatologist Dr. Susan Mayou to design a line of plant-based products that are gentle, effective and non-irritating. Designed for sensitive skins, Amie skincare defines itself as "pure and natural" beauty, with all of their products being cruelty free, paraben-free and containing on average 95% natural ingredients!

Today I'll be showcasing two products from the line, which launched just last month exclusively at Shopper's Drug Mart: the Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturizer and the Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask Click through for the full review...

The Product
The Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturizer is a light, daytime lotion designed to provide hydration while also mattifying skin. This fast absorbing lotion works for all skin types and contains organic rose hip, bilberry and vitamin E to give you soft, glowing skin, while the natural power of orange blossom and and lemon soak up excess oil.

Then to further promote even toned skin, is the Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask. This clay-based mask uses the powers of lime seed butter, white clay and organic peppermint to suck up dirt, oil and other impurities. This mask can be used 1-2 times a week.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in the Morning Dew moisturizer are:

  • Glycerin - moisturizer
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - derived from silicone, this ingredient provides a protective layer over skin that helps trap moisture and can help reduce fine lines. It is generally considered safe at very low percentages, however, some studies have raised concerns about the accumulation of this ingredient in the body over time and its possible effect on female reproductive systems.
  • Glyceryl Stearate SE - a "body making" ingredient that helps keep the product together and provides texture
  • Myristyl Myristate - a natural plant derived emollient
The primary ingredients in the Deep Clean mask are:
  • Kaolin - a natural clay that sucks out dirt and oils
  • Zinc oxide - a soothing ingredient usually used to treat... diaper rash?? My guess is that this is in here to soothe and even out skin
  • Glycerin - moisturizer
  • Magnesium aluminum silicate - a filler ingredient that provides texture. Since it's an aluminum, the concentration of this ingredient is very limited, but this ingredient isn't thought to be accumulated in the body
Although both ingredient lists sound at first fairly standard, I do have to say there are a few alarm bells ringing quietly in my mind, namely that both contain cyclopentasiloxane near the top of their lists. 

Price & Packaging
Both products comes as no-nonsense squeeze tubes. The Morning Dew moisturizer costs $10 for 100 mL, while the Spring Clean mask costs $12 for the same size. 

The packaging is very clean and fresh and I like how they're different colors so you can easily tell them apart.

As always, I tried out both products for about a month, with the mask being used once a week. 

Despite the dubious ingredients, products with that dubious ingredient seem to really agree with my skin :(  I found the Morning Dew lotion to be light, refreshing and quick absorbing. It also wasn't heavily scented, which is a big plus. As for its mattifying properties, well... I think it did a little? It's hard to say whether it really did help at all, or whether it was just the power of suggestion that made me think my skin was less shiny! Basically, I found that claim of shine-free skin to be a fail, but otherwise this is a pretty good daily lotion.

Of the two, the mask was definitely my favourite. I love clay masks and this one was no exception. If you enjoy really feeling like your products are working, then you'll like this mask. It feels downright tingly, almost to the point of being stinging, but not in an unpleasant way. It smells great with the refreshing tang of peppermint and it didn't dry down to a hard crust. Simply leave on for 10 minutes then rinse away. My skin felt squeaky clean and not tight at all. 

Final Verdict
Buy - the mask, but ditch the moisturizer. The mask is a great deep cleansing treat, but if you're trying to avoid certain chemicals, then the moisturizer probably isn't for you. 

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