NYX Angel Veil Primer Review

Just J: NYX Angel Veil Primer review

The NYX Angel Veil Primer is described as a lightweight, silky primer that will set your makeup and leave you with flawless skin, but are the claims true?

The Product
The NYX Angel Veil primer claims to provide a smooth, even surface for superior makeup adhesion and to minimize shine without breaking your bank or breaking out your skin. This primer comes as a white base so there's no worries about matching it to your skin tone, although some reviewers have said that it can give a white cast to darker complexions.

The Guts

The primary ingredients in this primer are:
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - derived from silicone, this ingredient provides a protective layer over skin that helps trap moisture and can help reduce fine lines. It is generally considered safe at very low percentages, however, some studies have raised concerns about the accumulation of this ingredient in the body over time and its possible effect on female reproductive systems.
  • Isododecane - provides spreadability to the product and creates an even, lightweight layer that helps skin retain moisture. It also helps makeup stick better to your skin, while not clogging pores.
  • Polysilicone-1 - another moisture retaining ingredient
  • Cyclohexasiloxane - acts similarly to Cyclopentasiloxane, but with less concerns about adverse effects. If you're concerned about silicones in general though, I would avoid this one as well just to be sure as it is on a restricted ingredient list in Canada.
As you can see, this product is heavy on the silicones, which basically act to create a protective layer on skin. Not too surprising to find in a primer, but the questionable data around the first ingredient does set off my alarm bells.

Price & Packaging
A 30 mL tube will set you back around $16 and can be purchased at most drugstores like London Drugs. I quite like the packaging as it's compact enough to fit in a purse and the squeeze tube is easy to use.

One thing that NYX should note on this product is that you need to shake it before use. The first couple times I used this product, it came out as a semi-clear, runny substance that wasn't pleasant to use. Once I shook it though, I got the usual creamy consistency of a primer.

Just J: NYX Angel Veil Primer review

What's great about this primer is that you only need a little to provide a smooth, light layer over your face. Immediately your skin will feel velvety soft and all lines and pores will be blurred out.

In terms of oil control, Angel Veil did help reduce oiliness for a few hours. It also did help my makeup last throughout the day better than my Skindanavia spray-on primer. I enjoyed how light and silky it felt as other primers have left me feeling like I was wearing a transparent mask.

Final Verdict
Ditch - despite its effectiveness and decent price, the health concerns around its ingredients leave me feeling too rattled to repurchase.

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