Pinspirations: cloudy mornings

Just J: Pinspirations: cloudy mornings
Alexa Chung, WhoWhatWear | Crystal and rhinestone ring, AEBGG | Interior, MoonandTrees | Lea Seydoux, Grazia | Robes, Plum Pretty Sugar | Pencil skirt, WhoWhatWear | Shadow palette, Tom Ford, Demure Porcelain

You know those days. It's the weekend and the morning light is that kind of clear, off-white color and the sky is that perfect heather grey that you've been searching for in a sweater for ages. You stretch and luxuriate in the fact that you don't have anywhere to be. If you do, then you show up looking effortless with just a hint of a smoky eye, bee-stung lips and clothes that make you long to return to bed.

I haven't done a Pinspirations post lately, but I miss them. It's always so interesting to cull through my recent and past pins for a sense of cohesion to guide me in my day to day outfit choices. When I went shopping on the weekend, it really hit me that I'm nearing 30. The trendy, teenager stores just struck me as gauche. Or maybe I'm in a norm-core phase. Whatever it is, I sure as hell don't feel like trying too hard.

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