The Body Shop Moroccan Wild Argan Oil body lotion and solid oil for lips review

Just J: Review of The Body Shop Moroccan Wild Argan Oil body lotion and solid oil

Launching just this summer, The Body Shop has jumped onto the argan train with their Moroccan Wild Argan Oil line. Consisting of a ton of products covering all of your body and skincare needs, this new line is designed to give you the luxurious feeling of spa-renewed skin at home. And of course, like many other TBS lines, the ingredients are ethically sourced.

I was lucky enough to receive the full line of Wild Argan Oil products, but today I'll just be reviewing the body lotion and solid oil lip treatment. Click through for the full review...

The Product
The Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion is a buttery, but light moisturizing lotion that is perfect for banishing away dry skin. It is lightweight, non-greasy and contains a light, nutty scent that is very comforting after a long day.

The Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lip oil is a waxy, solidified version of argan oil that offers a deep moisturizing treatment to dry, parched lips.

All the argan oil that The Body Shop uses in their products is organic and ethically sourced through their Community Fair Trade program. The oils are purchased from local, female run co-ops in Morocco, which help to empower these communities and families to be self-sufficient.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in the body lotion are:
  • Glycerin - moisturizer
  • Sweet almond oil - moisturizer
  • Orbignya Oleifera (Babassu) seed oil - derived from the Brazilian babassu tree, this deeply moisturizing oil is also great for after-sun care for its cooling properties
  • Stearic acid - emulsifying, helps keep the product together
Other good ingredients include shea butter (moisturizing), sesame seed oil (moisturizing) and of course argan oil, which arrives within the first 1/3 of the ingredients list.

The primary ingredients of solid oil lip treatment are;
  • Grape seed oil - an emollient
  • Castor seed oil - ditto, but can be an irritant for some people
  • Bis-diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2 - an emollient common in lip products that provides moisture and shine. Can be an irritant. 
  • Beeswax - an emollient and probably provides much of the balm's texture
Argan oil appears about midway through this product's ingredients list. 

Overall, both products have ingredients that back up their claims, although the star ingredient, argan, isn't near the top of either product's list.

Price & Packaging
For the body lotion, it will cost you $12 for a 250 mL bottle, which is definitely more than your drugstore cheapy lotions, but comparable to something you'd get at Bath & Body Works. I much prefer the packaging of the BBW lotions though as this one is obviously a pump mechanism. 

For the solid oil, one 20 ml tin costs you $6, which isn't too bad on the lip balm scale, but more than I normally prefer to spend. Anything over $4 to me is pricey since I go through lip balms in a flash. Also, since this style of packaging isn't the most hygenic, I've reserved this one for use as an overnight treat only.

I've been using these products for about a month and I am mildly pleased with the results. Don't get me wrong, both of these products are for sure worth the money. It just wasn't anything to jump up and and dance about.

The body lotion leaves my skin feeling super soft and smoother than ever, while also being quick to absorb. It's even left my elbows feeling like silk! The lotion spreads easily and evenly and a little goes a long way. Despite my usual generous use of lotion, I've only used up a third of the bottle after 4 weeks.

The solid oil lip treatment is also a good buy. The thick waxy texture warms up on contact and spreads thickly, but evenly over lips. Despite being a waxy looking product, it doesn't have that thick, sticky feel of beeswax that I hate, but rather feels a little slippery due to the high oil content. I think this balm works more like a protectant than as a moisturizer as my lips feel like they're wearing a shield to bed, which would be handy if I were say, sleeping outside on a mountain or the deck of a crab boat on Deadliest Catch. As such, I'd prefer to see this balm in a stick format, but I'll continue using it at night as it still helps keep my lips from drying out too much. 

Just J: Just J: Review of The Body Shop Moroccan Wild Argan Oil body lotion and solid oil

Final Verdict
Buy - reasonably priced and effective. Does what it claims to do, but lacks "wow" factor.

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