Vegas trip recap!

At the beginning of the month, my partners in crime, Sheila and Angela and I went on a quickie trip to Las Vegas. For the last couple years we've gone on a short summer trip and this year we decided to go somewhere more adventurous and this Vegas deal was just too cheap to pass up!

I've been to Vegas a few times before, but never in the summer and holy CRAP it is hot! Like 39 degrees, 29 degrees at night, hot. The air felt like an oven to the point where you wished there was no breeze because the breeze would just waft more heat and dust onto you. All of three of us being beauty bloggers, of course we had brought along a massive arsenal of moisturizers, masques and sunscreen, but my skin still felt parched by the end of our 3 night stay.

Like all trips to Vegas, it felt too long and too short. One can only live to excess for so long, but while you are, it's one fun ride! Click thru to read more...

Day 1:
We landed late Tuesday night and after picking up some supplies (booze) we chilled the night in our hotel, drinking, gossiping, and eating a strange assortment of meat and cheese.

Charcuterie, Vegas style.
Photo: Sheila
The next morning, we ventured out shopping, eating and exploring the strip.

View of our hotel, Paris.
Photo: Angela

The gorgeous hallway inside The Wynn hotel
In Vegas one of the must-do things is to eat at the hotel buffets, which are massive and delicious. Our first and only buffet of the trip was at The Wynn Hotel. While the buffet boasted a variety of options such as all-you-can-eat crab, clams, fish, chicken, made-to-order tacos and ramen, pasta, and countless desserts, I found it to only rate so-so amongst the buffets I've been to in Vegas in the past. Of course we ate too much so we had to rest before heading out to our first club, Chateau within the Paris hotel!

What was nice about going to Vegas during the week was that it was less busy than normal, meaning you actually had room to dance on the dance floor! Chateau was a rooftop club with a beautiful view of the fountains in front of The Bellagio and better yet, they had misting sprays over the dance floor to keep you cool! We got in just in time for ladies open bar, but really, you only need like a couple of drinks to be done for the night!

Day 2:
After a wild night, the best way to recuperate is poolside, so we headed out to Tao Beach, a pool party day club. Unfortunately, I guess because it was a weekday, the pool party wasn't really fun at all, so we skipped out to the Venetian's hotel pool nearby.

Poolside at The Venetian

So many random slot machines, including this one and even a SATC themed one!

Once we'd recuperated, it was time to party again, this time at Haze nightclub inside the Aria hotel. This time was even better than the night before as the music was great AND we had free bottle service which means somewhere to sit and rest our poor heeled feet! I was definitely more excited about the couch than the drinks.

Photo: Sheila

Yay for girl trips!
After a night of partying, what else to do but go for late night eats? Somehow we stumbled upon this Chinese restaurant within The Venetian and it was surprisingly good with actual Chinese chefs! I would definitely go here again, even if their noodle soups are twice as much as Vancouver prices.

Photo: Angela

Day 3:
Our last day in Vegas was dedicated to shopping. We headed out early to the nearby Premium outlets and shopped our hearts out, especially me at the Kate Spade outlet which had everything over 50% off!

Lastly, we finished off our trip with a final meal at The Boiling Crab. This was my first time to The Boiling Crab and I was not disappointed. If you've never been, the meal starts out with them supplying you with a paper tablecloth and a plastic bib. Classy. Then you basically order various types of seafood by the pound and pig out. Amazeballs.

Finally, here is the obligatory shopping haul pic from the trip:

vegas shopping

  • Kate Spade wallet
  • Kate Spade bracelet
  • Pandora charms: 1 to commemorate my 1 year house purchase with Mr. Artist and a Vegas dice charm shared with Sheila and Angela
  • Too Faced Hangover Rx moisturizing primer
  • Rohto eye drops - these Japanese eye drops are amazing!! I bought 4 boxes
  • Vince Camuto heels
  • Victoria's Secret bras
  • Makeup Forever HD Blush
Overall, though we did have some bad luck along the way, I had a blast travelling with two of my best friends. It's always fun to get out of town for a bit and every trip is an adventure. 

Here are some of my tips for doing Vegas right the next time you consider going:
  • Post some party pics on Instagram tagging Vegas. Promoters stalk Instagram to offer free passes and hookups to girls so you'll be sure to get some deals
  • Keep hydrated - bring lots of non-alcoholic bevvies available and some moisturizing masques handy to keep your skin plump
  • Do a walk-through first before choosing items to eat at the buffet. It can be tempting to pile on everything at a buffet, but there are just too many options out there. Prioritize.

Hope you enjoyed the trip recap! What's your favourite thing to do or see in Vegas?

Update Sept/15: Actually said Chinese restaurant was in The Venetian, NOT Aria. Thanks Sheila for correcting me - I must have been drunker than I thought!

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