FOTD: Mossy bronze eyes

Last week the weather took a sharp turn into fall territory with days of rain and overcast skies. With weather like that, I decided to do this smoky daytime look inspired by the wet green branches of the trees outside my house.

Just J: FOTD: Mossy bronze eyes

To create this look, you'll need:
First, I primed my lids and then used the pink shade of the Tartantastique all over my lid as a base. Then, using a wide brush, I gently swiped the dark green shade across my lid, concentrating the color along my lash and just above my crease. Since I have Asian eyes, dramatic shadow in my crease rarely works for me, so I generally go for a gradient or wide swathe of color as above. 

Next, take a clean brush and blend the green shadow upwards to soften out any lines and keep the look from being too dark. Then, taking a small crease brush, pick up some of that metallic brown and fan it along the outer third of your lid. The effect you should get is a little shimmery and a nice mix of colors that comes out as a bit army green. If you want to up the shimmer even more, take a gold shadow and dot it lightly in the center of your lids. Brush the outer third of your bottom lash line with both shadows, blending them together and voila, you're done! 

Since this is a fairly strong look, I wouldn't recommend adding eyeliner and just go for 1 coat of mascara. Also, make sure to fill in your brows to balance the look. 

Just J: FOTD: Mossy bronze eyes

Just J: FOTD: Mossy bronze eyes

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