Obiqo Skincare: Radiant Day Cream and Smoothing Eye Cream review and giveaway

Just J: Obiqo Skincare: Radiant Day Cream and Smoothing Eye Cream review and giveaway

New Zealand has always been on my travel bucket list because of its beautiful landscapes, exotic wildlife and abundance of adventurous activities! Plus I'm a big LOTR fan so of course I'd want to visit Middle Earth! Unfortunately, a ticket to NZ is not in the cards for awhile yet as I'm currently house and wedding poor, but I can get a piece of that New Zealand freshness care of Obiqo Skincare.

Obiqo Skincare is a line of face and body products focused around the restorative and purifying aspects of the New Zealand ocean. Combining the powers of sea kelp, European marine extracts, and the anti-aging French sea lavender, each Obiqo product will restore, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Another thing that makes Obiqo unique is its commitment to naturally sourced ingredients. The sea kelp Obiqo uses is Ecklonia Radiate and is harvested only from kelp that washes ashore and their organic sea lavender is certified 100% natural by ECOCERT.

The Products
Obiqo was kind enough to send me two products to review: the Radiant Day Cream and the Smoothing Eye Cream.

The Radiant Day Cream is a light, yet deeply hydrating moisturizer that has been enriched with sea kelp, sea lavender and various New Zealand plant extracts to help prep your skin for the day.

The Smoothing Eye Cream is a silky soft cream that provides a hit of hydration and anti-aging extracts to reduce fine lines and brighten tired eyes.

The Guts
The Radiant Day Cream's top ingredients include:

  • Capric triglyceride - an emollient derived from coconut oil and glycerin that helps repair skin and prevent moisture loss
  • Sweet almond oil - an emollient that also helps naturally prevent acne by cleansing pores
  • Glycerin - a moisturizer
  • Glycerol stearate - a naturally derived ingredient that provides a slippery feel to the product
Besides the above, this cream also contains algae extract (emollient), hydrolized collagen, hydrolized elastin (both anti-aging), sea lavender (anti-aging), kiwi fruit extract (antioxidant), and Pohutukawa extract (toning and moisturizing). I love it when products actually follow through on their claims - this cream is packed with natural antioxidants!

The Smoothing Eye Cream's top ingredients include:
  • Capric triglyceride
  • Glycerin
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Glycerol stearate
Surprisingly the eye cream contains the exact same main ingredients as the moisturizer! It also contains algae extract (emollient), hydrolized collagen, hydrolized elastin (both anti-aging), sea lavender (anti-aging), cucumber, kiwi fruit extract (antioxidant), evening primrose oil (emollient) and macadamia nut oil (moisturizing, anti-aging). 

Overall there is not much difference in the ingredients between these two products except some variance in natural extracts. 

Price & Packaging
The Radiant Day Cream retails for $29.99 on Amazon for a 50 mL bottle. For all its luxurious ingredients and branding, the packaging is pretty cheap on this one. It's a simple pump bottle, but for some reason, is really slippery to hold. I dropped this a couple times just onto my bathroom counter and the lid cracked easily. As well, the pump is a bit hard to control so that you either get a big gloop of product or hardly any at all.

The Smoothing Eye Cream retails for $29.99 on Amazon as well for 30 mL. This is quite honestly the largest eye cream jar I've ever had! Maybe the round shape is kinda deceiving as most eye creams come in a tube format, but I'll admit that I'm fooled. The packaging for the Smoothing Eye Cream totally makes me feel like I'm really getting value for my money! One thing to note though -  if you're not a fan of jar creams you'll be disappointed as this one doesn't come with a plastic applicator.

As per usual, I tried out these products dutifully for 4 weeks. Both feel light, absorb quickly and leave my skin feeling plump and hydrated.

The Radiant Day Cream is a perfect daytime moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way. One little pump is enough to cover my entire face and it spreads readily. If you have oily skin, you may find this a little too rich for you, but for my normal-dry skin, it was perfect. I actually think this would make a good night cream as well with all its anti-aging properties; just apply it a little heavier and you're good to go!

The Smoothing Eye Cream is a little trickier to apply. As it's rather slick, it spreads a lot and takes awhile to absorb. The jar format also makes it really easy to over-apply, no matter how lightly I dabbed my finger. My eye area did feel really soft and moist after using this cream. I'd definitely keep using it as a night eye cream, but as for daytime use, I'm not so sure. It didn't keep my lines away, although I found that on my makeup free days, it fared better. 

Oddly enough, I actually feel like this cream is more like an overall moisturizer than an exclusive to the eye product. I've even tried smoothing it over my forehead to target my dry lines there and it works pretty well that way too! This cream would be great if you're a really low maintenance person or travelling as an all-in-one night treatment.

Final Verdict
Buy - both products are affordable, contain awesome ingredients and could work for a variety of uses and not just what is says on the label.

Now for the fun part! I am giving away both of these products to one lucky reader to try! Just fill out the entries below. Sorry, this contest is open to Canadian residents only. 

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