A Book Devoured: The Maze Runner series by James Dashner

It's been awhile since a book held me riveted and tearing through its pages as quickly as I could. The Maze Runner, which is soon to be a movie, caught my eye recently and I thought it would make sense to review the whole series at once as you really have to read all three to get the whole story.

The Maze Runner begins with the protagonist, Thomas, waking up in the dark, alone and without any memory of who he is except his name. He awakes in a small, dark elevator and at the top, he finds himself greeted by a group of other teenage boys who welcome him to their home, The Glade, where a new boy has been arriving each month for the past two years. Where they are, nobody knows, but all they do know is that they live in the center of a giant maze and that every night the gates to The Glade close. Thomas is quickly initiated into life in The Glade, where there are few rules: do your job, don't give up, and no matter what, don't enter the maze at night.

Throughout most of the series, author James Dashner takes you on a crazy journey for survival as Thomas fights to save himself and the other boys from destruction and later from the truth of their origins in the maze. Dashner's main tactic to keep reader's interested is by simply just not letting you know what's going on, which is pretty tiresome by the end, but keeps you reading all the same.

I can totally see why this series is being made into a movie as it's fast-paced, filled with crazy action and stars teenagers. It doesn't really involve any character growth whatsoever, so don't expect any deep thoughts or epiphanies. These books are basically a story of fight to live then find the fuckers who did this to you so you can kick them in the balls as hard as you can.

Personally, I can't wait to see the movie now as I'm pretty curious how they will pull off the crazy worldscape Dashner has created and some of its horrifying creatures. I also have a feeling that the movies will sanitize some of the violence like they did with The Hunger Games, which is kinda lame but also probably not something that can squeak through with a PG-13 rating otherwise. Although I think the series should really just be one big book as it's not a complete story otherwise, I did find these enjoyable reads and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys this type of YA/sci-fi book.

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