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Just J: Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector review

The newest thing with beauty brands around the globe is to offer one-stop, do-it-all products that promise to cut down your multi-step routines to just a few key steps. The first iteration of these types of products were BB/CC/DD/Zzzzz creams. Now the next big thing are skin "perfectors" - miracle products that make big promises. The biggest difference I can see between this new category and the alphabet creams of yore is that these new creams don't contain foundation; they are meant to improve your skin so much, that you won't even need makeup! So are they worth all the hype?

The Product
Recently, I was sent a sample of the Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector, a "skin perfecting daily corrector" that claims to make my skin:
  • glowy 
  • even
  • brighter
and will
  • tighten pores
  • eliminate dark spots and scars
  • improve skin's texture
  • hydrate
  • reduce fine lines
In Marcelle's tests, an impressive 89% of women saw an improvement in just two weeks and in one month, dark spots were reduced and pores tighter.

On top of that, this product is also hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and safe for sensitive skins.

The Guts
The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • Cyclopentasiloxane - an increasingly popular silicone that's used for its light feel, absorbency and ability to fill in fine lines and provide an even texture. 
  • Glycerin - a moisturizer
  • Propylene glycol - a humectant with mild concerns of skin irritation
  • Lactobacillus ferment lysate filtrate - a skin conditioner. Fun fact: this ingredient is derived from lactobacillus, a great little bacteria that helps keep your gut healthy and which also lives in your vag (eww). 
This product contains a veritable grocery list of ingredients, which are mostly humectants and skin conditioners. Beware though that there are a lot of strange-sounding chemical names, some of which are pretty new as there isn't any info easily found on them, and silicones. If you're trying to avoid products that contain too many of either of these, then this may not be the product for you.

Price & Packaging
For $24.95, you get a 30 mL tube. This product can be purchased at any drug store that stocks Marcelle (such as London Drugs!). The packaging is pretty straight-forward here with the only interesting thing of note that the tube contains a soft red tip, which you can use to apply product directly to your skin. Not sure why that's necessary, but I thought I'd point it out as other reviewers did!

It's a little tricky to know where in your beauty routine to use the Ideal Skin Perfector - after serum? Before serum? After or before moisturizing? In place of any of the above? I think ideally, you're supposed to use this product before everything, or in place of. I didn't follow that, as I feel that serums are designed to absorb deep into your skin and moisturize the inner layers, whereas applying it after the Ideal Skin Perfector would just cause my serum to sit on my face. Instead, I did the following steps: toner, serum, Ideal Skin Perfector, moisturizer, sunscreen. The fact that the Ideal Skin Perfector contains a lot of silicones probably made any effect from my moisturizer moot, but in the interest of testing, I applied it anyways.

One thing I noticed right away about this product was its weirdo scent. It smells awful, very chemical-like and is sharply pungent. I'd recommend not breathing for a second while applying. It goes away once it hits your skin, but right out of tube - stinky! 

(Since posting this review, I have been in contact with Marcelle and verified with other users that this product should in fact have no scent. I may have received a defective or expired product, so while I am leaving my words visible here, I would like to point out this fact so that you can take this into account when reading my review)

Just J: Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector review
Ideal Skin Protector - unblended and blended

The texture of the Ideal Skin Perfector is very smooth and spreadable. It absorbs quickly and right away your skin will feel silkier and softer. The Ideal Skin Perfector works as a great primer for these reasons and I noticed that my makeup applied smoother and lasted longer.

For 4 weeks I dutifully applied the Ideal Skin Perfector twice daily. After 4 weeks, I did not notice any significant change in my dark spots, fine lines or skin texture. I did notice a slight difference in terms of luminosity. I did not experience any irritation or breakouts either, which I'm relieved of!

Final Verdict
Inconclusive - due to the following reasons outlined below, I can only speak to my experience with the product as-is, however I am doubtful now whether that is a true experience of the product or not. If you happen to use this product and experience similar symptoms, Marcelle's customer care at to resolve the issue.

**Update Nov 25: 10:46 am** 
I received a tweet from Marcelle stating the Ideal Skin Perfector I received may be defective as the product should not have any odor. I'm in contact with Marcelle to investigate and will update my post as soon as this has been resolved. Points to Marcelle for being so on top of their customer service!

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