October beauty favourites

Just J: October beauty favourites

I feel so proud of myself - this is my 7th beauty favourites post! I now find myself thinking in the back of the mind which products I want to include on that month's favourites and it's become one of my favourites to write. We could all use with a little positivity in our days right? 

1. Urban Decay Naked 1 Basics - I had a sudden lust for everything matte this fall and this capsule palette of the popular Naked 1 eye shadows fit the bill. I've been wearing this palette most days and it makes for such a no-brainer look. Check out a FOTD I did with this palette for inspiration.

2. Obiqo Skincare - I recently started using this line out of New Zealand. The ingredients are full of natural extracts from the sea, which make this eye cream and day cream moisturizing and pack of antioxidants. I love slathering on the day cream in the mornings to give my face that little "oomph" to face the day. View full review.

3. Lise Watier Luminous Correcting Primer in Banane - this correcting primer magically eliminates redness and imperfections. It also feels weightless and not like I'm wearing a silicone mask. Oddly enough, it keeps me matter than the mattifying version of this primer ever did! View full review.

4. Mario Badescu Rose Hip Nourishing Oil - this natural based serum is seriously one of the biggest factors I believe in getting my skin back on track. This light watery facial oil contains rose hips and little else. Rose hips are rich in vitamin C, which has the side-benefit of lightening hyperpigmentation - score!

5. Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream - oh dear gawd this hand cream is literally a drug to me. I picked this up last week while in Seattle shopping for dresses with my bridesmaids and I could not stop smelling it. The combination of almond oil and milk is intoxicating. Oh yeah and it makes your hands feel silky smooth. I love massaging this into my hands just before bed for a relaxing aromatic treat.

These were my favourites this month - what were yours?

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