Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone,

Just a very quick post today (I'm writing it while eating my earl grey breakfast scone) as I just wanted to let you know that I'm officially/unofficially on my annual Christmas break from my blog. Posting will be intermittent or non-existent for the next couple weeks as I take a break and head home for the holidays!

Whether you're a new or old reader, thank you SO MUCH for another great year. I really appreciate anyone who bothers to make a visit to this little blog of mine and I read each and every comment.

I've been mulling over what new things I want to try and accomplish next year with my blog - details to come soon on that - but the short story of it is that I'd like rediscover the joy of blogging. There's been a lot of talk in the blogosphere on blogger burnout and the pressure of the "game". To a lesser extent I've been feeling it as well. With all of life's stresses and frustrations, blogging needs to be my haven.

So here's to new beginnings in 2015 and I hope you all have an amazing holiday filled with family, friends and of course FOOD!!



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