Hello 2015

Photo: me, Hawaii

Another year, another fresh start. It's funny how I don't actually like reading "New Year resolution" type posts, yet I end up writing one every year. I guess it's okay since this blog started in a January so it's more to mark the passing of another year on the blog than a resolutions.

To write this, I took a look back at my previous 2013 and 2014 entries. It's funny how much has changed. Relationships have grown, friends have moved away, Mr. Artist and I got engaged and I've changed jobs, again. It seems like a lot has changed and yet things haven't. I know I've grown in the last couple years and yet I still feel like the same old me. My priorities have changed. Before, I used to try to always keep myself uber busy, whether it was partying out with friends, or pushing myself as a freelance writer, but now those things have changed. I only write on this blog now. I would rather have a movie night or a yummy dinner out than go to a club. I still feel restless about not being at the point in my life where I want to be.

I turned 30 this year and in October I'm going to be married. Those are some big changes and one thing I've learned at least is that resolutions don't really work out for me. Looking at my past new year posts, I've just rolled over my resolutions from the year before because they weren't things that I had completed. For this year, I'm going to not make resolutions, but instead some declarations for how I want to live moving forward and what I want to do with this blog:

In life, I want to....

  • not sweat so much over the small stuff. Daily irritations can really send me into a black mood, but in the bigger picture what do these things matter really? 
  • eliminate FOMO. This applies also to blogging but it can be really hard not to compare your relationship, your looks, your work to others and of course those others always seem better than you. Why should I care if so-and-so got something and I didn't? Or that so-and-so went to a party I wasn't invited to? That kind of thinking always leads to never being satisfied with anything.
  • keep true to myself. It really is hard sometimes being an introvert in an extroverted world. A lot of times I feel the pressure to be something I'm not and it makes me question whether I'm on the right path. I believe though that I am and that I can achieve what my mind is set on, if only I stick to my guns and not let the politics change me.

On this blog, I want to...
  • concentrate on the things I WANT to write and not the things I feel I SHOULD write about. You know what I mean - writing reviews about products I'm not thrilled about or just doing to further a "relationship" with a brand. It doesn't result in the best writing from me and therefore doesn't help the brand either. I only want to work with brands I love and about products I'm genuinely interested in
  • continue interacting with and finding new bloggers to connect with. Joining the CBB has helped kindle that blogging fire in me and it's been great to join a community of like-minded people. 
  • write more personal posts. I wrote a couple of these last year and I really enjoyed putting more of myself on this space, which is one of the only places that's truly mine. Unfortunately, my product backlog became so big and I felt such pressure to continue outputting that content that this fell to the wayside. I'm hoping to rekindle that side of the blog this year.

Here's hoping for a fresh start in 2015 for me and for everyone!

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