New Saje natural perfumes review | 5 blends, 5 gems

Saje natural perfumes review | Just J

One great thing about being from the West Coast is that it's a culture with a vibrant environmental community. How can we not be when we live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth with our majestic coastal rain-forests, stormy seas and rugged shorelines? The oceans and forest are something that I treasure about living here, even if I'm definitely not one to "live in nature"; on the contrary, I am very much a city girl, but my heart will always loves the ocean and appreciate the environment.

As such, it's always a great discovery for me to make acquaintance with beauty brands that also encapsulate that duality. Saje is a BC grown company that specializes in selling 100% natural essential oil products and accessories. While a lot of beauty brands have embraced the "all natural" label, Saje lives and breathes it with a stout commitment to sustainable business practices and a commitment to all natural ingredients. Saje only uses renewable resources in their products and uses local manufacturing to provide the maximum benefit to their local community.

I'd never tried any of Saje's products before, so I was very curious when they approached me about their new fragrance line. Consisting of five different scents that are each formulated for a different purpose, the new gemstone rollerballs are a way to embrace a little of Saje's life philosophy into your own.

The five blends available are:
  • Yoga (gemstone: amethyst) - mindful and grounding - "I feel grounded and centred as I connect with the smooth rhythm of my breath"
  • Tantra (gemstone: jade) - loving and abundant - "I open my heart to pure, authentic love and release all fear of vulnerability"
  • Goddess (gemstone: rose quartz) - fulfilling and heartfelt - "I relax into the gentle power of my feminine being and let all that is good flow through me"
  • Shanthi (gemstone: white marble) - serene and tranquil - "I choose to bring peace and harmony outside myself by acting mindfully towards others"
  • Ananda (gemstone: tiger's eye) - confident and whole - "I see the truth clearly and I rediscover my strength through the release of all judgement towards others and myself"
Each scent retails for $29.95 and comes in a soft faux-silk pouch.

I was fortunate to try out two scents from the line: Yoga and Goddess. Both contain a base of jojoba seed oil and various essential oils.

Yoga contains notes of:
  • orange
  • patchouli
  • rosewood
  • bergamot
  • cardamom
  • neroli
  • cedarwood
  • champaka
  • vetiver

Saje natural perfumes review | Just J

Goddess contains notes of:
  • tangerine
  • neroli
  • jasmine
  • rose otto
  • ylang ylang
  • vanilla 
  • lime

Saje natural perfumes review | Just J

The packing of these scents is very sleek and compact. You could easily slip these into your purse and the silk pouch is a welcome addition of luxuriousness. I'm not a believer in the power of healing stones, but they are much prettier dispensers than the usual plastic balls that come in rollerball sets.

Saje natural perfumes review | Just J

Saje natural perfumes review | Just J

Dispensing product takes a bit of work compared to other rollerballs I've tried, such as CLEAN and Nest. You really have to massage these rollerballs around to get any discernible payoff. I don't know if that's because these are pure essential oils and therefore not as watery? Once this stuff is on though, it literally lasts all day. I applied Goddess at 8 am and I could still smell it on my wrists at 2 am! 

While the scents are strong, I don't believe them to be overpowering or offensive as I'm sure Mr. Artist would tell me otherwise. I chose Yoga and Goddess as my trial scents as their soothing and meditative focus is something I definitely try to live in my daily life (try, being the key word here).

Of the two, I much prefer Goddess as it has a sweet, floral scent that later deepens with the vanilla. Off the bat, the two smell very similar except that Yoga has much stronger citrus scent. Normally, I love citrusy fragrances, but mixed in with the patchouli and cardamon, I found Yoga a bit too deep in spicy territory for it to grow on me. 

Both made me feel as if I were walking around smelling like a yoga studio all day and I like to think that had a little soothing effect whenever I would catch a whiff of it. Recommending a fragrance that smells like a room of sweaty bendy people may sound gross to you, but to me, it only evokes that feeling of centeredness and peace that I get whenever I go to a yoga practice. 

Final Verdict: 
Buy - affordable, pure and natural fragrances that are a unique alternative to the usual. 

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